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rrsagent, make logs public
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Zakim, code?
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the conference code is 78953 (tel:+1.617.761.6200, glazou
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ah, I figured it out now
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it requires a long press of the mute button to mute
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great. OK. calling back in...
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Scribe: Bert
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16:07:04 [Bert]
plinss: Any extra agenda?
16:07:09 [Zakim]
16:07:10 [Bert]
fantasai: Hackaton?
16:07:17 [Zakim]
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16:07:57 [Bert]
stearns: Still in planning stages.
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16:08:22 [Bert]
vhardy_: What did you want to dicuss exactly?
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... Let me check, but should not be an issue. Could be FXTF event.
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sorry, Katie, I do not recognize a party named '[Microsoft.aa]'
16:08:58 [Bert]
plinss: Could be for the joint FXTF day.
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16:09:39 [Bert]
plinss: Please go through list of topics on wiki and prioritize. Send list to Daniel and me.
16:09:50 [plinss]
16:09:55 [Zakim]
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+Katie; got it
16:10:02 [Bert]
... Top 5. Because we have too many topics.
16:10:09 [Zakim]
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16:10:09 [Bert]
Topic: Values & units
16:10:12 [howcome]
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16:10:22 [fantasai]
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16:10:45 [Bert]
fantasai: There's a 2.1 issue.
16:10:53 [Zakim]
16:11:01 [glazou]
howcome: will you attend hamburg meeting ?
16:11:17 [Bert]
Tab: [checking if spec is up to date...]
16:11:25 [Bert]
... What was the 2.1 issue?
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16:11:27 [dbaron]
Issue 19?
16:11:28 [howcome]
yes, I will be in Hamburg
16:11:38 [Zakim]
16:11:42 [florianr]
Zakim, I am ??P6
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16:11:45 [Bert]
Tab: issue 20
16:11:53 [glazou]
howcome: please add your flight/hotel data to
16:11:59 [fantasai]
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16:12:20 [Bert]
... 2.1 in font-family is less strict than we probably intended.
16:12:24 [Zakim]
16:12:44 [Bert]
... It potentially allows 'inherit' after comma in font-family.
16:12:44 [fantasai]
16:13:01 [Bert]
... We would like a modif to disallow inherit.
16:13:02 [Rossen]
Zakim, [Microsoft] has me
16:13:11 [dbaron]
sounds good to me
16:13:13 [Zakim]
+Rossen; got it
16:13:22 [JohnJansen]
errata only, for now, correct?
16:13:39 [Bert]
s/issue 20/issue 19/
16:14:01 [dbaron]
(to disallow inherit anywhere within a font-family value)
16:14:05 [Bert]
Tab: (Same thread as issue 20)
16:14:13 [dbaron]
inherit keyword, that is
16:14:32 [Bert]
RESOLVED: errata 2.1 to diasallow 'inherit' after comma in font-family
16:14:42 [Bert]
Tab: Issue 20
16:15:16 [Bert]
... Grammar doesn't have a token for number with preceding " or -
16:15:40 [Bert]
... Making a token for it should have no other effect than disallowing comments between + and the number.
16:15:43 [glazou]
16:16:10 [Bert]
... Then we can in the future talk about number tokens without having to talk about +/- every time as well.
16:16:30 [Bert]
... There are no test for this yet, I think.
16:16:49 [glazou]
Zakim, ack me
16:16:49 [Zakim]
I see no one on the speaker queue
16:16:53 [Bert]
glazou: We use it in calc(). Is there no effect there?
16:17:02 [Bert]
... and in nth-child()
16:17:23 [vhardy__]
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16:17:35 [fantasai]
Tab: No effect on calc() -- makes it more accurate anyway
16:17:42 [Bert]
Tab: We have to fix the grammar for nth-child anayway. No effect for calc().
16:17:52 [dbaron]
the change tab is talking about making is including the + or - sign in the number, percentage, and dimension tokens
16:17:56 [Bert]
plinss: Whitespace?
16:18:00 [fantasai]
Tab: :nth-child grammar has errors that need to be fixed anyway, so when we fix that we can make sure this is fixed
16:18:04 [Bert]
Tab: Yes, explicitly called out.
16:18:16 [Bert]
glazou: Comments everywhere is a pain.
16:18:23 [Bert]
... Someday we should fix that.
16:18:34 [fantasai]
(see for nth-child grammar section)
16:18:39 [Bert]
plinss: I think it reasonable to include sign in the number token.
16:18:48 [glazou]
thanks fantasai
16:18:50 [fantasai]
plinss: should maybe only allow comments where whitespace is allowed
16:19:04 [Bert]
Tab: Yes, we thought it was when we wrote values.
16:19:09 [Bert]
plinss: Objections?
16:19:35 [Bert]
florianr: need test
16:19:40 [fantasai]
anton: every errata item should have a testcase
16:19:51 [Bert]
RESOLVED: include sign in numberb token in 2.1
16:20:04 [Bert]
TAB: issue 10
16:20:21 [Bert]
... calc() couls originally only return a length.
16:20:38 [Bert]
... We'd like it to allow to return an integer as well.
16:20:51 [fantasai]
The proposed text is "If the type of the result, after resolving all subexpressions, is an integral <number>, the calc()'s resolved type is <integer>. "
16:20:54 [Bert]
dbaron: I seem to rememebr that would make asome things hgarder.
16:21:06 [Bert]
Tab: Our implementer says it is simple. Just tag it with the type.
16:21:33 [Bert]
... Can only return an integer if there are only integers in the expression.
16:21:55 [Bert]
plinss: Careful with comparing floating points. After division 3.9999... is maybe 4.
16:22:00 [fantasai]
plinss: floating point math might result in rounding errors that fail that check
16:22:05 [Bert]
dbaron: Maybe different issue.
16:22:20 [Bert]
... Could we do numbers [not integer]?
16:22:24 [fantasai]
dbaron: I had thought we couldn't do <number>s. Could we do <number>s before?
16:22:25 [Bert]
Tab: yeah
16:22:45 [Bert]
dbaron: So what are the rules when something is not an integer anymore?
16:22:51 [fantasai]
dbaron: is calc(2.3-1.3) an integer?
16:23:02 [fantasai]
dbaron: I would say that it's not an integer.
16:23:06 [Bert]
dbaron: I would say it is not an int.
16:23:20 [fantasai]
16:23:38 [Bert]
... Trying to remember how spec determined number. Trying to remember how I implemented it.
16:23:56 [Bert]
... Constant part and value part.
16:24:23 [fantasai]
dbaron: Whenever you have a multiplication, it can be constant*value or value*constant
16:24:27 [Bert]
... E.g. multiplication val * const or const * val
16:24:42 [Bert]
... Are there different values allowed left and right?
16:24:59 [Bert]
... That is the case for division. Anywhere else?
16:25:25 [Bert]
Tab: Type check on operations. Division bottom must be a number.
16:25:38 [Bert]
dbaron: So when exactly is it an int?
16:25:59 [Bert]
Tab: Eithe rmore rules about types. Or test for integer at the end, within margin.
16:26:22 [fantasai]
dbaron: z-index accepts 1 but not 1.0
16:26:25 [Bert]
dbaron: rule should be that all operands are int and there is no division.
16:26:39 [bradk]
why can't the top and bottom of division both by lengths that resolve to a integer?
16:26:46 [Bert]
florianr: Variables?
16:27:00 [Bert]
Tab: Resolved in the same way.
16:27:14 [Bert]
dbaron: Not sure what you say about division is correct.
16:27:34 [Bert]
Tab: If left divided by right is an int, then return is also int.
16:28:14 [Bert]
[discussion of when int divisions are needed]
16:28:30 [Bert]
Tab: I'm OK with restricting division.
16:28:42 [Bert]
... Author can always simplify himself.
16:28:57 [Bert]
plinss: You don't want value to become invalid based on value of attr()
16:29:02 [Bert]
Tab: Exactly.
16:29:18 [fantasai]
fantasai: don't want z-index: calc(attr(...)/2) , because that would require computed-value-time validity check
16:29:33 [Bert]
plinss: Summary: result is int if all operands are int and there is no division.
16:29:36 [Zakim]
16:29:43 [Bert]
REASOLVED: result is int if all operands are int and there is no division.
16:29:57 [Bert]
16:30:27 [Zakim]
16:30:47 [vhardy_]
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16:30:51 [fantasai]
16:30:58 [Bert]
Tab: issue 11: attr() type at parse time.
16:31:01 [tantek]
tantek has joined #css
16:31:34 [Bert]
plinss: You are not proposing to allow attr() right now?
16:31:48 [Bert]
tab: If we defin number type, than we can allow attr() now.
16:32:04 [fantasai]
We should specify explicitly that attr() is allowed, rather than relying on <number> to imply it
16:32:06 [Bert]
... cycle() could be another.
16:32:26 [Bert]
.. I think attr() is quite stable now.
16:32:31 [Bert]
dbaron: Any impls?
16:32:42 [Bert]
Tab: one or two. IE and prince, I think.
16:32:53 [Bert]
... Only in 'content', but at leats the functionality is there.
16:33:07 [Bert]
plinss: I'm concerned with the implication so of attr() inside calc()
16:33:13 [glazou]
16:33:18 [Bert]
fantasai: We can defer to level 4.
16:33:29 [Bert]
dbaron: I think we can allow it.
16:33:40 [Bert]
howcome: me too. We'll manage somehow.
16:33:48 [Bert]
Tab: How about cycle()?
16:33:56 [Bert]
... slightly more interesting issues.
16:34:18 [Bert]
... One pb with attr() is that attr() can be 0 and so not detectable that division by 0.
16:34:34 [Bert]
... Do we want to restrict that in some way?
16:34:52 [Bert]
fantasai: There are no dimensions allowed in denominator.
16:34:53 [vhardy_]
vhardy_ has joined #css
16:35:14 [Bert]
Tab: We force the denomninator to a number.
16:35:15 [fantasai]
fantasai: could disallow attr() in denominator too
16:35:25 [fantasai]
plinss: grammar allows dimensions in denominator
16:35:31 [Bert]
plinss: Need to change the grammar. Percentage could be zero too.
16:35:34 [fantasai]
Tab: ... in type-checking section
16:35:40 [Bert]
... Grammar says percentage is allowed.
16:36:01 [Bert]
Tab: Percentages turn into the type they are resolkved against.
16:36:11 [Bert]
plinss: What if percentage of zero?
16:36:30 [Bert]
dbaron: I don't like to resolve percentage type after.
16:36:39 [Bert]
Tab: It is still at computed value stage.
16:36:56 [Bert]
dbaron: I think percentages should be treated same as dimension.
16:37:03 [Bert]
Tab: OK
16:37:10 [Bert]
.. So new prop:
16:37:27 [shepazu]
shepazu has joined #css
16:37:56 [Bert]
... Change grammar so that it allow dimen type (not just dimen token) but still
16:38:10 [dbaron]
q+ to comment about cycle() and types
16:38:23 [TabAtkins__]
...keep the NUMBER token in there so we can detect early division-by-zero
16:38:32 [plinss]
ack dbaron
16:38:32 [Zakim]
dbaron, you wanted to comment about cycle() and types
16:38:53 [Bert]
dbaron: About cycle(), it doesn't necessarily have a single type.
16:39:06 [Bert]
Tab: Right, but it must be valid for all types it can turn into.
16:39:18 [Bert]
dbaron: Maybe you can resolve the type beforehand.
16:39:38 [Bert]
Tab: All of its types must be valid in the given location.
16:39:50 [Bert]
... In general all values must be of the same type.
16:40:01 [Bert]
fantasai: Don't see the need for cycle() in calc().
16:40:12 [Bert]
dbaron: Usually it's for keywords.
16:40:28 [Bert]
fantasai: We should make a whitelist of what is allowed.
16:40:42 [Bert]
Tab: Fine.
16:41:11 [Bert]
RESOLVED: allow attr() in calc() and disallow cycle()
16:41:45 [Bert]
plinss: attr() must be a dimension.
16:41:51 [Bert]
Tab: Yes
16:42:13 [Bert]
dbaron: About percentages: percentages never resolve to a number, I think.
16:42:35 [Bert]
[opacity... percentages? no]
16:42:51 [Bert]
antonp: line-height?
16:43:01 [Bert]
Tab: I believe lengths
16:43:07 [fantasai]
even numbers resolve against <length> there :)
16:43:21 [Bert]
Tab: issue 17 is pending some advise
16:43:25 [Bert]
.. Let's so 18
16:43:29 [Bert]
16:43:52 [Bert]
... kenny suggested to use a specific URL for invalid URLs.
16:44:09 [Bert]
... Spec currently says a UA-defined invalid value.
16:44:20 [fantasai]
16:44:26 [Bert]
... I don't now what that URL would be.
16:44:44 [Bert]
plinss: I like the idea of it being consistent.
16:44:48 [dbaron]
Gecko currently uses url(invalid-url:) in a few contexts
16:44:54 [Bert]
... Will UA ever resolve it?
16:45:06 [Bert]
Tab: If it is defined to be invalid the UA can obviously skip it.
16:45:08 [dbaron]
though that was sort of an ugly hack
16:45:26 [Bert]
Tab: gecko uses just a scheme?
16:45:51 [Bert]
dbaron: We use it if someone askes for a computed style when our parser failed to parse the URL.
16:46:02 [dbaron]
s/parser/url parser/
16:46:03 [glenn]
glenn has joined #css
16:46:28 [Bert]
Tab: Adam Barth's URL spec I think never fails to parse. But would need to check.
16:46:57 [Bert]
dbaron: Maybe we can get advice from him.
16:47:10 [Bert]
Tab: I think I can ping him.
16:47:25 [Bert]
... OK, lest' postpone that.
16:47:29 [Bert]
Tab: issue 21
16:48:04 [fantasai]
Tab: if you have several attr() or several cycle() in a property, you have combinatorial numbe rof things to check
16:48:05 [Bert]
... If you have several attr() and cycle(), you have a combinatorial number of types to check.
16:48:37 [fantasai]
text-shadow: attr(offset px, inset) 0px 0px;
16:48:38 [Bert]
... attr() fallback must match type.
16:49:20 [Bert]
... Proposal: force cycle() to only ever be the sole value of a property.
16:49:24 [fantasai]
Tab: force cycle() to be sole value of property, and for attr() fallback must match type if it's not the sole value of a property
16:49:31 [Bert]
florianr: Can you explain attr()?
16:49:45 [florianr]
16:49:56 [Bert]
Tab: dbaron had ane xample where you inherit multiple cycle()s
16:50:43 [Bert]
dbaron: I think what is inherited in variables is syntactic, so cannot inherit cycle() that way.
16:50:57 [Bert]
Tab: Right... that would seem useful, though.
16:51:22 [Bert]
... I was confused where the var would be used and where the cycle()
16:52:09 [tantek_]
tantek_ has joined #css
16:52:12 [dbaron]
cycle(left top, right)
16:52:15 [dbaron]
was peter's example
16:52:49 [Bert]
plinss: Then cycle can give diff. # of keywrods. Is that a pb?
16:53:01 [Bert]
Tab: can change the meaning, but not problematic.
16:53:17 [Bert]
dbaron: I think cycle is top-level only.
16:53:38 [Bert]
plinss: OK, so cycle is the whole value always.
16:54:04 [dbaron]
Tab: proposal: cycle() is top-level only; when attr() is not at top level then the type of the fallback must match
16:54:08 [Bert]
... we can loosen up later.
16:54:24 [Bert]
RESOLVED proposal: cycle() is top-level only; when attr() is not at top level then the type of the fallback must match
16:54:33 [Bert]
16:54:42 [fantasai]
16:54:43 [fantasai]
16:54:46 [Bert]
Tab: issue 22
16:54:58 [Bert]
... required ranges are rather random.
16:55:07 [bradk]
so, cycle could be used for background-position property, but not for the background-position part of the background property then, right?
16:55:25 [fantasai]
16:55:26 [Bert]
fantasai: we reduced # of repetition form 30 to 20.
16:55:31 [fantasai]
at Sylvain's request
16:55:59 [Bert]
plinss: any objecions?
16:56:10 [fantasai]
16:56:47 [Bert]
RESOLVED: dropping multipliers from 30 to 20.
16:56:47 [howcome]
howcome has left #css
16:57:06 [Bert]
Tab: issue 25
16:57:19 [Bert]
... currently 3 decimal digits (at least).
16:57:25 [Bert]
dbaron: Where does this apply?
16:57:33 [Bert]
Tab: nymbers dimen and percentage.
16:58:19 [Bert]
dbaron: So this precludes diff. repres for for dimens. This seems very small 0.001 mm
16:58:55 [Bert]
Tab: Spec says this applis to number and percentag. We actually don't have a req for dimen.
16:59:07 [Bert]
florianr: [...]
16:59:55 [Bert]
dbaron: If the stuff on the leftof decimal point is big, we may even lose before the decimal point.
17:00:01 [Bert]
... floating point.
17:00:20 [Bert]
dbaron: And what does "support" mean?
17:00:24 [Bert]
tab: round-trip
17:00:40 [Bert]
dbaron: Are there iplems of thie right now?
17:00:47 [Bert]
[nobody knows]
17:01:01 [Bert]
florianr: We are likely to do fixed point, but haven't done so far.
17:01:15 [Zakim]
- +1.604.312.aabb
17:01:22 [dbaron]
Peter: I think it's good to define required precision for numbers, but let's not make it incompatible with float.
17:01:28 [Bert]
tab: It doesn't require fixed point. Can use floating point.
17:01:52 [Zakim]
17:01:54 [Bert]
... we can reduce this or remove it entirely.
17:02:11 [Bert]
plinss: A req on precision is good, but not as # of decimal digits.
17:02:37 [Bert]
florianr: Compatibel with single precision floats would prop. be compatibel with all current implems.
17:02:46 [Bert]
Tab: I think I can draw that up.
17:02:51 [Bert]
plinss: Sounds good.
17:03:07 [Bert]
... Maybe we need at some point a required precision for lengths.
17:03:15 [Bert]
... Minimum resolution.
17:03:29 [Bert]
glazou: We discussed that in the past a bit already.
17:03:30 [Zakim]
17:03:34 [Zakim]
17:03:35 [Zakim]
17:03:35 [Zakim]
17:03:36 [Zakim]
17:03:36 [Zakim]
17:03:37 [Zakim]
17:03:40 [Zakim]
17:03:42 [Zakim]
17:03:43 [Bert]
plinss: see you in Hamburg!
17:03:43 [Zakim]
17:03:45 [Zakim]
17:03:49 [Zakim]
17:03:50 [Zakim]
17:03:51 [Zakim]
17:03:53 [Zakim]
17:03:55 [Zakim]
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disconnecting the lone participant, Bert, in Style_CSS FP()12:00PM
17:10:08 [Zakim]
Style_CSS FP()12:00PM has ended
17:10:08 [Zakim]
Attendees were +1.415.832.aaaa, nimbu, stearns, glazou, plinss, arronei, fantasai, bradk, antonp, David_Baron, +1.604.312.aabb, JohnJansen, smfr, Bert, kojiishi, +1.415.832.aacc,
17:10:08 [Zakim]
... TabAtkins_, SteveZ, arno1, Katie, +47.23.69.aadd, dstorey, howcome, florianr, Rossen
17:10:27 [Bert]
rrsagent, make minutes
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rrsagent, make logs public
17:10:56 [Bert]
rrsagent, make minutes
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22:40:26 [fantasai]
TabAtkins_: ping
22:40:49 [fantasai]
TabAtkins_: alexmog and I are discussiong flexbox with dholbert, let me know if you're around
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TabAtkins_: ping
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