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Meeting: Provenance Working Group Teleconference
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Date: 05 April 2012
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Zakim, this will be PROV
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Chair: Paul Groth
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Regrets: Luc Moreau, Tim Lebo, Daniel Garijo
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Zakim, this is PROV
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Zakim, who's here?
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ok, MacTed; that matches SW_(PROV)11:00AM
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On the phone I see ??P22, Curt_Tilmes, ??P32, Satya_Sahoo, ??P67, +329331aaaa, [OpenLink], ??P43
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I am do it
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Topic: Admin
15:04:36 [pgroth]
Minutes of the March 29 2012 Telecon
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scirbe: jun
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Zakim, mute me
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== Topic Admin ==
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Approved Minutes of the March 29 2012 Telecon
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Topic: PROV-DM
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15:06:28 [jun]
Topic: PROV-DM
15:06:47 [jun]
Paolo: DM constraints is out for review
15:06:59 [Zakim]
MacTed should now be muted
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15:07:30 [jun]
... some feedback came back, all associated with issues
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zakim, +329331aaaa is SamCoppens
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+jcheney; got it
15:08:05 [jun]
... don't see any blockers to the next draft
15:08:08 [pgroth]
15:08:10 [Zakim]
sorry, kai, I do not understand your question
15:08:28 [Zakim]
I already had ??P13 as jcheney, kai
15:08:37 [jun]
Paul: check progress on the reviews
15:08:56 [jun]
Khalid: no response, not on the call
15:09:07 [jun]
Satya: would like to complete the review before giving feedback
15:09:23 [jun]
Curt: working on it
15:09:23 [kai]
Zakim, ??P1 is probably me.
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+SamCoppens; got it
15:09:34 [jun]
Jun: ongoing
15:09:58 [Tom_De_Nies]
Zakim, Tom_De_Nies is with SamCoppens
15:10:02 [jun]
Tim and Graham not on the call today
15:10:09 [jun]
Jim: ongoing
15:10:24 [jun]
Simon: on prov-n. done that
15:10:26 [Zakim]
+kai?; got it
15:10:32 [pgroth]
Topic: PROV-0
15:10:33 [jun]
Topic: PROV-O
15:11:01 [Zakim]
+Tom_De_Nies; got it
15:11:05 [jun]
Paul: essential prov-o is out for review :)
15:11:17 [jun]
... review progress
15:11:28 [MacTed]
Zakim, unmute me
15:11:33 [jun]
Luc done it. Paul ongoing. Simon done it. Sam, ongoing
15:11:42 [Zakim]
MacTed should no longer be muted
15:11:53 [pgroth]
15:11:56 [jun]
... Mac Ted: ongoing
15:12:03 [pgroth]
Topic: Prov-Primer
15:12:13 [jun]
15:12:38 [jun]
Simon: out for review, expect feedback from Curt and Christine. Paolo done already
15:12:43 [pgroth]
15:12:43 [jun]
Curt: ongoing
15:12:51 [jun]
Topic: PAQ
15:12:53 [pgroth]
Topic: PROV-AQ
15:12:54 [Paolo]
I haven't attached my reiew to the issue, sorry
15:13:00 [Paolo]
but it's out there...
15:13:06 [pgroth]
15:13:15 [jun]
Paul: went through many big changes last week
15:13:29 [jun]
... release an editor's draft. hopefully address all the issues in the tracker
15:14:02 [jun]
... use "resource" throughout in the doc. Editors think it's ready for review, for going into working draft
15:14:23 [pgroth]
15:14:26 [jun]
... we can come back next week for review
15:14:37 [pgroth]
15:15:05 [Curt]
I'll try to review PAQ...
15:15:14 [SamCoppens]
I can do it also
15:15:20 [Paolo]
potentially me -- but a bit overloaded
15:15:23 [Paolo]
with other reviews atm
15:15:53 [pgroth]
Potential Reviewers: Curt, SamCoppens, MacTed, Paolo
15:15:59 [pgroth]
15:16:07 [jun]
Potential reviewers: Curt, Sam, and Paolo
15:16:11 [pgroth]
Topic: Prov-sem
15:16:14 [Paolo]
15:17:07 [jun]
James: aligned the doc with WD-3. will go ahead to align it with the latest WD soonish
15:17:37 [pgroth]
15:17:40 [pgroth]
ack Paolo
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15:19:23 [jun]
Paolo: add collections in the semantics doc?
15:19:26 [Zakim]
15:19:52 [pgroth]
15:20:38 [smiles]
15:20:57 [pgroth]
15:20:58 [jun]
James: will read through everything and think about it. would be helpful to have a summary about what's needed to be clarified
15:21:19 [jun]
Paolo: I can put up a wiki page to summarize things
15:21:33 [jun]
... put a link on the formal semantics wiki page
15:21:33 [pgroth]
ack smiles
15:21:39 [pgroth]
15:22:19 [pgroth]
15:22:27 [Paolo]
15:22:30 [jun]
Simon: collection as a separate/lesser part of the DM model? where is this idea coming from?
15:23:16 [pgroth]
ack pgroth
15:23:23 [pgroth]
ack Paolo
15:23:24 [jun]
Paul: they add a level of complexity. and we don't want to scary people away by this and put a lesser emphasis on it
15:23:55 [jun]
Paolo: this is really about introducing a new data structure. believe this is fundamental.
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15:24:59 [pgroth]
15:25:07 [jun]
.... things become more complicated than anticipated. took longer to reconcile. and left with less time to include collection properly in documents
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Zakim, unmute me
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MacTed was not muted, MacTed
15:25:14 [MacTed]
15:25:46 [jun]
Paul: and we should take Luc's comments as his own comments, not final or for the group
15:25:53 [pgroth]
ack pgroth
15:26:23 [jun]
Mac: we should try to avoid thinking about reinventing everything
15:26:40 [jun]
... collection is just another type of entity
15:27:12 [jun]
... we don't need to redefine what a collection is
15:27:36 [Paolo]
15:27:39 [jun]
... concerned that there might be re-definition of things or re-invention of things
15:27:42 [MacTed]
ack me
15:27:44 [pgroth]
ack MacTed
15:27:47 [pgroth]
ack Paolo
15:27:52 [jcheney] ??
15:28:11 [jun]
Paolo: pointers for specific places to draw knowledge for provenance for collections?
15:28:25 [MacTed]
15:28:56 [jun]
@mac, I think the collections spec is a bit different from what sioc means
15:29:25 [jun]
Mac: the sioc spec is an example
15:29:39 [pgroth]
jun can you use MacTed not Mac
15:29:52 [pgroth]
it's hard to process the minutes otherwise
15:29:55 [jun]
Paolo: it's slightly different to describe evolution of collections
15:30:15 [jun]
15:30:34 [pgroth]
15:30:38 [smiles]
15:30:46 [jun]
Paolo: we should take this offline and will take a look at the sioc doc
15:30:47 [Curt]
collections of provenance (out of scope -- use existing ways) != provenance of collections (we are trying to model a common way to represent that)
15:31:01 [pgroth]
ack smiles
15:31:05 [jun]
Simon: do we have reviewers for the semantics doc?
15:31:34 [jun]
Paul: we are not yet ready for the semantics doc. it's not planned to be in sync with other docs
15:32:11 [pgroth]
ack smiles
15:32:35 [jun]
James: plan to review everything to identify things to be updated for the semantics. rather to align semantics against a fixed document. people can sign up for reviews now though
15:32:48 [jun]
Paul: semantics is a note. we are not as pressed for this as for other docs
15:33:09 [pgroth]
15:33:15 [jun]
James: I want to contribute to the reviews of other doc. and it should be fairly straightforward to update the semantics doc
15:33:40 [pgroth]
Topic: Linked Data Platform
15:34:16 [stainPhone]
@Paolo, url..?
15:34:38 [jun]
Paolo: feedback to this from the group?
15:35:24 [jcheney]
is this it
15:35:25 [jun]
Sandro: the group was formed based on a critical mass
15:36:14 [pgroth]
15:36:30 [jcheney]
aha I see it
15:36:30 [jun]
... provide a place for common mind people to talk together
15:36:37 [pgroth]
15:36:44 [jun]
... they are putting up documents up to describe what they did
15:36:59 [jun]
.. not sure where provenance fits into this
15:37:18 [jun]
Paolo: thanks for the response
15:37:35 [pgroth]
ack pgroth
15:37:37 [pgroth]
15:37:38 [jun]
Paul: PAQ should be very related to their work
15:37:48 [jun]
Paul: AOB?
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