IRC log of htmlt on 2012-03-13

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logging to
15:00:42 [krisk]
We'll do this on IRC unless someone wants to dial into the conf call
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15:02:38 [krisk]
we'll start in a few minutes in case someone else shows up
15:06:00 [krisk]
Lets start the meeting
15:06:13 [krisk]
Agenda ->
15:06:34 [krisk]
Agenda Item #1 Bugs on Approved Tests
15:06:48 [krisk]
tiny url ->
15:07:12 [krisk]
Looks like ms2ger updated some canvas tests
15:07:38 [krisk]
But it doesn't look like he address bug 15925 (
15:09:53 [krisk]
Qiankun Miao also left a comment in the bug
15:11:03 [krisk]
I suspect he is just waiting for a OK on the list for his provided diff
15:11:06 [krisk]
see ->
15:11:39 [krisk]
I can respond to his ask
15:13:38 [krisk]
Looking at bug #15041
15:14:31 [krisk]
I'm going to resolve this as won't fix and leave a comment in the bug that if the spec changes due to bug #15041 getting address we can re-visit this issue.
15:15:11 [krisk]
Until that occurs this is just a potential change that we can't make at this time
15:17:57 [plh]
15:18:51 [krisk]
Updated the bug #15042
15:20:26 [krisk]
Agenda Item #2 New Test Submissions
15:21:01 [krisk]
See ->
15:21:30 [krisk]
Like I mentioned before Ms2Ger updated some canvas tests
15:22:19 [krisk]
This is the only new test submissions, though good to see this occur (including an update to the yaml file)
15:23:27 [krisk]
He added a few new cases
15:23:28 [krisk]
15:23:41 [krisk]
15:24:00 [plh]
still not using testharness.js :(
15:24:45 [krisk]
15:24:58 [krisk]
Oops bad paste
15:25:15 [krisk]
It's still good for WebIDL :)
15:26:31 [krisk]
15:28:42 [krisk]
I'll be submitting some tests before we meet next time (progress and range)
15:30:24 [krisk]
James have you still been very busy?
15:35:24 [krisk]
Shall we adjorn?
15:36:38 [plh]
ok for me
15:36:52 [plh]
(sorry, I got distracted over here)
15:37:30 [krisk]
Note that the UTC meeting time will move back an hour (I think) for our next meeting due to daylight savings time
15:38:49 [krisk]
meeting adjourned
15:38:51 [krisk]
RRSAgent, make logs public
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rrsagent, generate minutes
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I have made the request to generate krisk
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