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logging to
16:05:41 [krisk]
I presume we'll do this in IRC like normal, unless someone objects
16:06:25 [plh]
no objection
16:06:33 [krisk]
16:06:34 [plh]
but I'd love to catch up with you at some point btw
16:07:02 [krisk]
Tell Mike Smith thanks for setting up the websocket server(s)
16:07:11 [plh]
16:07:19 [plh]
do we have any other request pending?
16:07:52 [krisk]
For the websocket server, it's two parts
16:08:06 [krisk]
One getting agreement (though no one seems to object using Jetty)
16:08:37 [krisk]
The other is actually getting 'modules' to run on the Jetty server
16:08:52 [krisk]
I think we want to have a process simalar to php scripts
16:09:21 [krisk]
Where one submits them to Hg, then asks the w3c team to review/ok before it gets deployed to the server
16:10:18 [plh]
sure, that should be easy
16:10:20 [krisk]
I think we also would expect people to submit java source code and not 'jar' files so one could either update or modify it at another point in time
16:10:55 [plh]
we could do thigns on file extensions
16:11:05 [plh]
so it's only a metter of adding those extensions
16:11:22 [plh]
16:11:53 [plh]
if you send Mike and me the list of file extensions to be added, we'll do so
16:12:17 [plh]
then, I don't kjnow if the jetty server will need rebooting everytime we're deploying new code on it...
16:12:44 [plh]
on getting consensus, this needs to be discussed on public-webapps-testsuite
16:12:57 [plh]
and possibly asking Art to send a CfC or something
16:13:10 [krisk]
Yes - Art has already been sending emails, etc..
16:13:18 [krisk]
Let's switch back to HTML
16:14:01 [krisk]
Agenda Item #1 Bugs on Approved Tests
16:14:06 [krisk]
short url ->
16:15:03 [krisk]
No new bugs
16:15:28 [plh]
we have a bunch of old bugs that are not getting addressed there
16:15:28 [krisk]
Note bug #15925 is valid
16:16:06 [plh]
is Philipp Taylor still updating the canvas tests?
16:16:35 [krisk]
We 14 total, not too many (depending on your point of view)
16:16:52 [plh]
ms2ger sent a patch for Philipp a while ago and never heard back
16:17:02 [plh]
16:17:42 [plh]
should we apply the patch to our copy and move on?
16:18:02 [krisk]
Sounds like we should ping Philip and then update and move on
16:18:38 [plh]
sounds good enough to me. can you ping Philipp?
16:18:53 [krisk]
yes I'll put this in the meeting notes
16:19:02 [plh]
and I'm happy to apply the patch or maybe ms2ger will apply it himself
16:19:20 [krisk]
ms2ger follow the list so I'm sure he see the 'ask'
16:19:29 [plh]
16:20:35 [krisk]
Agenda Item #2 New Test Submissions
16:20:39 [krisk]
See ->
16:21:20 [krisk]
Areyh added a new assert to testharness.js
16:21:45 [plh]
argh, except that testharness.js moved...
16:22:06 [plh]
alright, I'll take care of this one
16:22:21 [krisk]
Good call out to the 'notes'
16:22:43 [jgraham]
plh: Can we delete it from the html repo and just make sure that w3-test keeps working?
16:22:54 [plh]
16:23:07 [plh]
w3c-test should work just fine
16:23:23 [krisk]
or change it's contents are editing the wrong file see
16:24:09 [plh]
James? you want to do the delete or should I do it?
16:24:15 [plh]
I don't mind doing it
16:24:39 [plh]
also, are you willing to add the new assert from Aryeh?
16:26:17 [jgraham]
plh: You do it. And I reviewed Aryeh's change; it looks OK
16:26:40 [jgraham]
(I don't like the design much but that is my fault not Aryeh's)
16:26:59 [plh]
16:29:12 [krisk]
Aharon Lanin has also submitted more bidi tests
16:32:44 [krisk]
These tests are pretty intresting for two reasons...
16:33:27 [krisk]
They build on the CSS3 writitng mode spec
16:33:51 [krisk]
Also the last time I looked no one passed the tests
16:34:43 [plh]
ok. done with fixing testharness.js
16:36:31 [krisk]
and most browsers render the exact same
16:36:55 [krisk]
So we have some type of interop is just doesn't seem to align to the spec(s)
16:37:45 [krisk]
It maybe that indeed all browsers need to add this functionality in to support the css3 writing-mode spec and the parts that apply to the HTML5 spec
16:37:51 [jgraham]
plh: Thanks
16:40:06 [krisk]
James have you still been super busy?
16:42:16 [krisk]
Perl can be intresting...
16:42:37 [plh]
for archeologists? :)
16:42:40 [krisk]
One of my first software jobs was to rewrite ~15 pages of Perl....
16:43:03 [gsnedders]
Perl is fine!
16:43:10 [gsnedders]
Provided it's used for text processing…
16:43:21 [jgraham]
By other people. Far away.
16:43:47 [krisk]
I was nice onve I was was ~ 2 pages (not Perl's fault)
16:43:53 [jgraham]
But anyway I am really expecting to be back on testsuite work in the next 1-2 weeks
16:43:58 [krisk]
16:44:23 [krisk]
Did you see the websocket threads?
16:44:41 [krisk]
If you object please ping the thread
16:45:10 [krisk]
Any other agenda items, or shall we adjourn?
16:45:35 [plh]
ok to adjourn for me
16:48:36 [jgraham]
The websocket thing looks fine. I am happy if we support both servers; it seems that the security issue with pywebsocket doesn't apply to the W3C configuration
16:48:36 [krisk]
Let's adjourn
16:48:52 [jgraham]
And I know there are already websocket tests written against that
16:49:17 [krisk]
16:49:33 [krisk]
RRSAgent, make logs public
16:49:40 [krisk]
rrsagent, generate minutes
16:49:40 [RRSAgent]
I have made the request to generate krisk
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