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Meeting: Web Performance Working Group Teleconference
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Date: 11 January 2012
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Topics: Spec and Test Updates from last week
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18:10:50 [JatinderMann]
Jatinder: Karen and I have updated the Page Visibility, and Timing specs to complete Action items 59, 61, 64 and 74.
18:11:00 [JatinderMann]
Jatinder: Please review those changes.
18:11:21 [JatinderMann]
Jatinder: Karen has pushed out two test cases in Action 21 and 75.
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Close ACTION 19
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close action-19
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ACTION-19 Investigate tests around persistent connections closed
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Arvind: Let's go through Navigation Timing open items and see what remains.
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close action-19
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ACTION-19 Investigate tests around persistent connections closed
18:16:52 [JatinderMann]
Tony: I'm inclined to say that persistent connections isn't a part of HTML5 spec and probably can't be tested. Let's close
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close action-18
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ACTION-18 Follow up on test coverage and propose new test cases. closed
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18:26:21 [JatinderMann]
Tony: Future test cases should always go to submission folder for review prior to moving to approval folder.
18:27:27 [JatinderMann]
Jatinder: Let's keep action-75 open so that we can fix the typo thats causing the test to fail.
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18:33:18 [JatinderMann]
Jatinder: Karen to update test_navigation_type_reload.html and test_timing_attributes_order.html to fix the resource issue and Tony will review.
18:33:20 [JatinderMann]
18:34:48 [JatinderMann]
Jatinder: What are the WG's thoughts on client authentication modal dialogs? Users could impact aggregate timing by sitting on a modal dialogs.
18:41:02 [JatinderMann]
Tony: There are other slow javascript dialogs, alerts that could also impact the overall timing.
18:41:44 [JatinderMann]
Jatinder: I don't think we would want to throw away the client authentication time, as the overall performance timeline shouldn't be impacted. Our options might be to include a new phase.
18:42:09 [JatinderMann]
...we expect the client authentication dialogs to occur between connectStart and responseEnd.
18:44:00 [JatinderMann]
Arvind: HTTP Client authentication might have smaller usage as time goes on.
18:44:26 [JatinderMann]
...We should be able to get data to see how many webpages in the world use this feature.
18:45:32 [JatinderMann]
Tony: We need a spec update here regardless. Either we add the new phases or how our current phases work around this.
18:46:07 [JatinderMann]
Arvind: Well, the problem still exists for proxy servers. There may be many more such small edge cases like this.
18:47:33 [JatinderMann]
Arvind: Either we create a new parallel time for authentication. I don't think we should broaden the scope of redirects.
18:52:26 [JatinderMann]
Jatinder: Arvind will follow up with data on how common these issues are and see if we even want to make any change here.
18:52:38 [JatinderMann]
Arvind: I think we should target getting this spec to PR.
18:53:19 [JatinderMann]
Jatinder: Let's plan to update all test cases for next week and target entering PR then.
18:53:26 [JatinderMann]
Tony: I agree with that plan.
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