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16:05:51 [krisk]
Lets start the meeting...
16:06:08 [krisk]
Agenda is pretty short posted at
16:06:54 [krisk]
Agenda Item #1 Bugs on Approved Tests
16:08:12 [krisk]
No new bugs and 15042 is still waiting for 15041
16:08:40 [krisk]
ms2ger are you familiar with bug #15042/#15041?
16:09:13 [Ms2ger]
16:10:48 [krisk]
16:10:57 [Ms2ger]
I'd wait to see what happens to the spec bug
16:11:31 [krisk]
yes - seems like this bug/request is comming from webkit land
16:11:56 [krisk]
not sure if Opera or Mozilla have an opinion
16:12:06 [krisk]
If you do please add to the bug..
16:12:23 [krisk]
IMHO 15042 is still blocked on the resolution of 15041
16:12:31 [Ms2ger]
16:14:26 [krisk]
Agenda Item #2 New Test Submissions
16:14:58 [Ms2ger]
I finally got around to pushing Infraware's tests to HG
16:15:11 [Ms2ger]
Haven't looked closer at them
16:15:11 [krisk]
Yes I see that...
16:15:40 [krisk]
Note is the location of these tests
16:16:18 [krisk]
Some of these tests are manual e.g.
16:16:41 [krisk]
Since you have to disable the network to run the test
16:18:12 [krisk]
Additionally some html5bidi tests were pushed as well
16:18:17 [krisk]
see ->
16:18:26 [krisk]
16:22:12 [krisk]
Also note that Aryeh has made more changes to the webidl tests
16:24:43 [krisk]
Note that in the previous meeting I mentioned that the MOSQUITO group also submitted more tests
16:25:13 [krisk]
some of which are not part of HTML5 (e.g. device-orientation)
16:26:09 [krisk]
I'll email Fabrice so he can work with the right working group for some of the tests he pushed into Hg
16:28:07 [krisk]
As a side note (webapps) - I pushed some CORS tests to Hg
16:29:27 [krisk]
Though some are waiting for a php change to enable/reviews by the w3c
16:29:43 [krisk]
I suspec this will occur this week when people are back from the Holiday break
16:30:34 [krisk]
I'll also move them to as well since all the tests should be in the same location
16:35:22 [krisk]
If you have time please feel free to review some of the submitted tests :)
16:36:12 [krisk]
For example history api tests are a good place to start, given how recently this part of html5 has been added in various browsers
16:37:00 [krisk]
James have you had time to take a peek at the Microsoft History tests?
16:39:27 [jgraham]
I have been too busy unwrapping presents (or something)
16:39:39 [jgraham]
16:40:10 [krisk]
I'll have someone from Microsoft look at the Infraware appcache tests
16:41:20 [krisk]
shall we adjourn?
16:41:28 [Ms2ger]
16:41:43 [krisk]
james did you want to discuss any items?
16:42:43 [jgraham]
I don't think so
16:43:43 [krisk]
ok, meeting adjourned
16:44:02 [krisk]
RRSAgent, make logs public
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