ISSUE-6: should document its support of the itemid attribute itemid support undocumented should document its support of the itemid attribute

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Philip J├Ągenstedt
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"The concept is defined in
and means that you can do things like
<p itemscope itemtype=""
itemid=""><span itemprop="name">Philip</span></p>
This might seem like an academic questions, but it is what defines if
validators for should allow itemid or not. Do any of the
sponsors do anything with itemid? If not, updating the documentation
to explicitly say that it is not allowed (and ignored) would be most
welcome. "

... ensuing discussion made it clear that does support itemid. This issue tracks the need to document that on

( Only mention I can find so far is in )
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Moving this to github, where docs are maintained.

Dan Brickley, 30 Jul 2014, 16:02:28

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