ISSUE-2: properties do not de-reference

Property pages properties do not de-reference

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Bernard Vatant
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Description: de-references, whereas properties just 404. Example: ... at least by RDF tradition and the Web architecture spec, properties are first class citizens and deserve their own documentation.

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"""URIs for properties, based on their labels, are used by both
"official" OWL version at [1] and version at [2].
Class URIs such as are dereferencable even if they
do not (yet) provide a RDFdescription of what they mean ...
But property URIs such as are just 404.

Are there any plan to have at least html minimal description of properties
at those URIs, like a definition and the list of classes using them?

Bernard """

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Note that such per-property pages would also give a mechanism for attributing original sources, in situations (eg. rNews) where terminology is explicitly acknowledged to be based on other work.

Dan Brickley, 12 Oct 2011, 13:34:57

I have passed on the suggestion to the partners. Nobody objected and it seems sensible / useful, but perhaps it will come later after other work around the actual vocabulary. I'll mark this 'Postponed' for now.

Dan Brickley, 14 Oct 2011, 17:37:08

Implemented and deployed. Pages also contain basic RDFa/RDFS term descriptions (as do per-type and per-enum pages). Breadcrumb navigation for enums also slightly improved to reduce confusion with types.

Dan Brickley, 24 Jul 2013, 11:21:02

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