ISSUE-18: Tracking issue for 1.0 release 1.0 release

Tracking issue for 1.0 release

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Dan Brickley
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As announced in a 1.0 release is planned during June 2012.


"The 1.0 vocabulary is expected to include substantial additions including support for genealogy (via, e-commerce (through collaboration with Good Relations), Learning / Education (with LRMI), a Medical/health vocabulary, additions for describing technical/code and API documentation, and for improved modeling of TV/Radio content."

This issue tracks the details for making this happen.
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See for summary of incoming changes and final tweaks to vocabulary.

Dan Brickley, 15 Jun 2012, 16:32:44

Closing. We're now at v1.8. Good Relations, LRMI, Medical/Health, Code/API and TV/Radio fixes are all in. Historical data / genealogy needs revisiting - I'll open a separate issue for that (in Github).

Dan Brickley, 30 Jul 2014, 14:10:08

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