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Manu Sporny

I am the current chair of the RDFa Working Group at W3C and the Founder/CEO of Digital Bazaar. My company develops technology and services to enable individuals and businesses to more easily buy and sell digital content via the Internet. Currently, we are using Semantic Web technologies (RDF, RDFa, and JSON-LD) to build an open, patent and royalty-free standard for universal web payments - the initiative is called PaySwarm. We hope to eventually standardize it through W3C or IETF.

The goal of PaySwarm is to empower musicians, movie makers, journalists, artists and scientists to create, publish and make a living by selling content directly via their websites. The system is the first distributed payment system of its kind. We believe a universal payment mechanism must become a fundamental part of the Web and can be best built using Semantic Web technologies.

My background is in Computer Science, with interests in advancing the state of the art in computing, micro-payment systems, high-performance web servers, digital content delivery, distributed/peer-to-peer systems and creating fair systems that compensate individuals for their creative efforts.

Unfortunately, my time will be limited in this group due to my constrained schedule - I hope to contribute primarily toward JSON serialization.


RDF WG Interests

  • Applying the lessons learned building JSON-LD to the JSON serialization of RDF.
  • Ensure that RDF supports "must have" features that we have identified via PaySwarm.
  • Standardizing Named Graphs/Graph Literals
  • Revising Cool URIs/HTTP Range 14
  • Semantic Web Authoring Best Practices
  • Generalized Triples (graph literals and plain literals as subjects and/or predicates)
  • Digital Signatures on RDF Graphs
  • Increasing adoption of RDF by making it more accessible to Web Developers

W3C/Standards Involvement

  • Semantic Web Deployment Working Group
  • RDFa Task Force
  • RDFa Working Group
  • HTML Working Group
  • WHAT Working Group
  • Semantic Web Coordination Group
  • Hypertext Coordination Group
  • Social Web XG
  • WebID XG
  • Music Industry Standards Initiative (Connected Media Experience)
  • PaySwarm Initiative
  • Dynamic Spectrum Access (GNURadio and spectrum markets)