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Thomas Steiner

Research Scientist at Google Germany GmbH

PhD student at


I'm mainly focused on the JSON serialization and interested in the RDF(a) API. I have implemented the RDFa API (don't use my implementation, use Nathan's instead) and done a couple of demos with it. My research interests are Multimedia Semantics, REST, and the intersection with Linked Data.


I've no expertise with SPARQL and the reasoning part of the Semantic Web. Happy to learn, though, these techniques are just not my primary interests.

W3C Experience

Member of the Media Fragments Working Group (joined in November 2010)

Member of the RDF Web Applications Working Group (joined in March 2011)


I've one Master of Computer Science degree from University of Karlsruhe, Germany, and one from ENSIMAG Grenoble, France. Currently I'm working on #TomsPhD at the Polytechnic University of Catalunya, Barcelona, Spain, but remote from Hamburg, Germany, where I work for Google. Lost yet? I've a REST background, and via Linked Data dived into the Semantic Web. I tweet a little bit more often than I blog.