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Dr. Souripriya Das, a.k.a. Souri, is an Architect at Oracle. He pioneered the work on semantic technologies in Oracle Database and has led the development effort since its inception in 2002. Prior to taking up semantic technologies, he was the lead developer and project leader for novel database features at Oracle.

As a representative from Oracle, Souri participates or has participated in several W3C Working Groups including Data Access (SPARQL 1.0), SPARQL 1.1, and RDB2RDF. He is currently working as a co-editor of "R2RML: RDB to RDF Mapping Language" published by the W3C RDB2RDF Working Group.

Souri has a PhD in Computer Science and has been interested in all areas of Computer Science right from his undergraduate days at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) at Kharagpur. He has published several papers at leading database conferences such as VLDB, ICDE, SIGMOD, and CIKM. In Summer 2009, Souri was a lecturer at the Reasoning Web Summer School held in Brixen-Bressanone, Italy and co-authored a paper that was published in the proceedings.

Besides Computer Science, Souri's other interests are in trying to understand the philosophy of life, evolution of the Universe, and playing soccer with friends.