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I'm one of the W3C staff members for this Working Group, with 0.2 FTE allocated.

W3C Experience

I was hired by W3C in 2000 to implement some of this Semantic Web stuff, with DARPA DAML funding. In 2003, I started getting into the standards part of the organization, mostly in the inference side of things. In 2009 I also took over the eGovernment activity.

  • WebOnt (OWL 1) alternate staff contact
  • RIF staff contact
  • OWL 2 staff contact
  • SPARQL 1.1 staff contact
  • eGovernment activity lead
  • eGov IG staff contact
  • Provenance WG staff contact (expected)
  • Gov Linked Data staff contact (expected)

Expertise and Technical Focus

  • Software Development (C, C++, Java, Perl, Prolog, Python)
  • Web Development (LAMP, html/css, ...)
  • Rule systems, Databases
  • Distributed/decentralized systems


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