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I was a Member of Technical Staff at Bell Labs Research in Murray Hill, NJ, USA.

I have been heavily involved in the design of OWL 2, OWL, and the predecessors of OWL. I also was a vocal critic of versions of the RDF Semantics document and several of the other documents that came out of the RDF Core working group. I'm a co-author of the SWRL documents.

I've been a member of the Description Logic community since before it was called Description Logics. (I even helped coin some of the names for Description Logics.) I've built or helped build several reasoning systems for Description Logics, including CLASSIC and DLP.

My goal in this working group is to ensure that any new parts of RDF have a reasonable semantics.

I often go by "pfps", my initials. This was a common way of identifying people both at the University of Toronto and at Bell Labs.

For more information see my Bell Labs home page at