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Nathan Rixham

Invited Expert in the RDF WG and do not represent any company.


Within the RDF WG I'm looking to help out wherever I can in order to support the other members, key areas I'll be focussing on are:

  • Standardization of the JSON syntax (considering the RDF API and being a JS developer)
  • Standardization of the Turtle syntax (with an N3 focus)
  • Clean up around IRIs / RDF URI References and DataTypes/Plain Literals
  • Considerations when deprecating some features of RDF (Robustness Principal etc.)
  • Support for multiple graphs and graph stores (both named and literal graphs, considering the RDF API, and read-write linked data tech requirements)
  • Linked Data considerations (inc Read/Write) and "follow your nose" (ties in with AWWSW TF work)

Other W3C Experience

  • Member of the RDFa WG
  • Member of the AWWSW TF
  • Member of the WebID XG
  • Editor of the RDF API


I'm a developer who sits at the intersection of the Semantic Web, WebArch, HTML, WebApps, REST/HTTP, JS, Auth/Security and Web Development communities, my primary focus is converging the various web technologies in order to realize the read write web of linked data, intelligent agents, and the model outlined in TimBLs Socially Aware Cloud Storage Design Issue. Thankfully I'm in a position where I can spend most of my time helping this process along through contributing to standardization efforts, communication between groups, and contributions to open source and public domain projects; my efforts within the RDF WG will be one part of that bigger picture.

More: @webr3 / info