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Jeremy J. Carroll

I am a co-editor of the RDF Concepts Recommendation, and an author of the original named graph's paper. I also edited the OWL Test Cases Recommendation,

I am TopQuadrant's second representative on this WG and will be standing in for Gavin when he is busy, or if I have a specific contribution to make. In general, I expect my actual participation to be low. I am TopQuadrant's AC rep. My job title is Chief Product Architect, which means I work in software development of a Semantic Web server product.

RDF WG Interests

  • Standardizing Named Graphs
  • Errata on 2004 Recs

W3C/Standards Involvement

  • WebOnt WG
  • RDF Core WG
  • Semantic Web Best Practices and Deployment WG
  • RDFa Task Force
  • OWL WG
  • I18N IG