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Fabien Gandon

Senior Researcher at INRIA, Ph.D. and HDR in Informatics and Computer Science, vice Leader for the Edelweiss Research team of INRIA in the Research Center of Sophia-Antipolis (France)

I have a Ph.D. and an "Habilitation à Diriger les Recherches" in Computer Science and I am a Graduated Engineer in Applied Mathematics from INSA Rouen.

Professional interests : Semantic Web, Corporate Semantic Web or Intraweb, Semantic Social Network / Semantic Analysis of Social Network, Ontologies, Knowledge Engineering and Modelling.

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Interest in RDF 1.1

My main interest in the RDF 1.1 group is the extension to support "Identified Graphs".

I am the co-author with Olivier Corby of a position paper for RDF Next Step titled "Name that graph" (paper, slides) and a W3C member submission on RDF/XML Source Declaration.

Past W3C activities

mainly in GRDDL WG, RDFa TF and a little bit in Social Web XG and SWBPD WG