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Axel Polleres

I represent DERI on the RDF WG (alternate, main representative will be Richard Cyganiak). DERI has a wide interest in RDF, Linked Data and is developing various tools and applications around it. My personal interest is on foundations, extensions and applications of RDF, and querying RDF, see also contributions to the RDF Next steps workshop I was involved in [1,2]. Accordingly, as for the concrete point on the charter, my interests are at standardizing a model and semantics for multiple graphs and graphs stores, see some initial thoughts, as well as standardizing a subset of RDF/XML suitable for processing with standard XML tools.

For more information about me, check my personal homepage at

1. "RDF Needs Annotations", by Nuno Lopes, Antoine Zimmermann, Aidan Hogan, Gergely Lukácsy, Axel Polleres, Umberto Straccia, and Stefan Decker

2. "RDF and XML: Towards a Unified Query Layer", by Nuno Lopes, Stefan Bischof, Orri Erling, Axel Polleres, Alexandre Passant, Diego Berrueta, Antonio Campos, Jérôme Euzenat, Kingsley Idehen, Stefan Decker, Stéphane Corlosquet, Jacek Kopecky, Janne Saarela, Thomas Krennwallner, Davide Palmisano, and Michal Zaremba

W3C Experience

I was a member of the RIF Working Group and of the RDB2RDF Incubator Group.

I'm currently a co-chair of the second SPARQL Working Group.