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Alex Hall

I am a Senior Software Developer at, and the RDF WG representative for, Revelytix. We develop products and solutions aimed at enabling the information web at the enterprise level, accomplished through the development of domain ontologies and the mapping of these ontologies to existing data sources. Our experience has been that useful ontologies only come about as the result of intense collaboration among all the stake-holders in an enterprise, including trained ontologists, businesspeople, and subject matter experts.

Our main product, Knoodl, started out as a web-based, collaborative (OWL) ontology editor following the wiki paradigm. It is fast evolving into a platform for the development of semantic applications with sophisticated capability for editing, collaboration, visualization, querying, analysis, federation, and inference.

In addition to my duties at Revelytix, I have been involved since 2005 in the Mulgara Semantic Store open-source project, in all of its incarnations. I have been most heavily involved in development of server-side infrastructure to support the storage, retrieval, and querying of RDF graphs, and I also have a personal interest in the development and use of rule-based inference systems.

W3C Experience

None so far!