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Turtle Candidate Recommendation Comments

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This page captures the substantive Turtle-related comments sent to the RDF WG's comments list. If anyone notices that a comment sent to that list is not captured within a month, please send a message to a Working Group member or send a message to public-rdf-comments@w3.org with a subject starting with "[COMMENTS WIKI]". Thanks for helping us with diligent responses to comments.


Comments on Turtle CR
# Date scope What Author Wiki Page Owner Status Response/ack
1 2013-Feb-17 non-ed Increased lookahead David Robillard ericP addressed
2 2013-Feb-18 non-ed want whitespace before ';' or '.' David Booth ericP misfiled
3 2013-Feb-16 non-ed unescaped '#'s in URLs?? Henry Story ericP resolved ack
4 2013-Feb-19 ed Turtle CR Internet media type contact Dave Beckett ericP fixed N/A
5 2013-Feb-19 non-ed add conformance tests Dave Beckett superceded by 29
6 2013-Feb-19 tests license for tests Dave Beckett ericP resolved ack
7 2013-Feb-20 non-ed s/objects lists/object lists/ Ted Thibodeau ericP fixed N/A
8 2013-Feb-20 non-ed LANGTAG forces xsd:string Simon Reinhardt ericP resolved ack
9 2013-Feb-22 ed remove HTML5 as a normative reference Dave Beckett ericP resolved ack
10 2013-Feb-22 ed 2004 vs. current RDF-CONCEPTS Simon Reinhardt ericP resolved ack
11 2013-Feb-25 non-ed case-sensitivity of SPARQL PreFIX David Robillard Gavin resolved ack
12 2013-Feb-25 non-ed object to SPARQL PREFIX and BASE David Robillard ericP addressed
13 2013-Feb-25 tests normalize bnode labels for diff David Robillard ericP addressed private response
14 2013-Feb-25 tests tests cover 77% of code (exclude: ) David Robillard superceded by 21
15 2013-Feb-25 tests order generated triples David Robillard ericP addressed
16 2013-Feb-28 tests tests-ttl presumed base [2nd] Gregory Williams ericP resolved ack
17 2013-Feb-28 tests correct comments in tests-ttl Gregory Williams ericP resolved ack
18 2013-Mar-1 non-ed dislike SPARQL BASE/PREFIX Gregory Williams ericP resolved ack/split 41
19 2013-Mar-1 impl rprt broken link soliciting implementation reports Gregory Williams gkellog resolved ack
20 2013-Mar-1 impl rprt stale EARL ref Gregory Williams gkellog resolved ack
21 2013-Mar-4 tests additional tests for
  • lname with '.', '..', leading digit
  • prefix with '.'
  • bnode with '.', '_', leading digit
  • url with '.', '..', leading digit
  • lname with ':', '::', leading ':'
  • neg: lname w/ malformed escape
  • neg: '.' in []s
  • neg: prefix with trailing '.'
  • neg: lname with leading '-'
  • neg: bnode with trailing '.'
  • neg: prefix with leading '.'
David Robillard ericP addressed
22 2013-Mar-4 tests order generated triples [2nd 15] on subm-26 Dave Beckett ericP resolved ack
23 2013-Mar-4 non-ed IRIREF production less restrictive than RFC3987 [2nd 26] Dave Beckett ericP resolved ack
24 2013-Mar-4 tests use N-Triples "classic" Gregory Williams ericP resolved ack
25 2013-Mar-4 ed use hex codes instead of '"'s inside '"'s Dave Beckett ericP resolved ack
26 2013-Mar-23 tests PN_CHARS_BASE outside of IRI range Gregg Kellogg ericP resolved ack
27 2013-Mar-23 tests/ed surrogates in literals Dave Beckett ericP resolved ack
28 2013-Mar-23 tests Turtle test donations Dave Beckett ericP resolved ack
29 2013-Mar-23 tests Turtle tests defining conformance Dave Beckett ericP resolved ack
30 2013-Mar-31 tests patches to
  • normalize to lower case \uxxxx codes
  • escape per ASCII NTriples
  • s/\\u0022/\\u"/
David Robillard ericP addressed
31 2013-Mar-29 ed indicate case-insensitive language tag match [PROPOSAL] Hong Sun ericP resolved ack
32 2013-Apr-6 tests normalization of numerics Ruben Verborgh ericP resolved ack
33 2013-Apr-19 non-ed Turtle version naming Jan Wielemaker ericP resolved ack
34 2013-May-8 ed include characters in comments in grammar David Booth ericP resolved ack
35 2013-May-10 tests +test with comment ajoining qname Jeremy J Carroll ericP resolved ack
36 2013-May-15 ed example 7's bare list is not legal Turtle Alex Milowski ericP resolved ack
37 2013-May-15 non-ed remove PrEfIx and BaSe Gavin Carothers ericP resolved
38 2013-May-17 tests annotate tests which require UTF-16 surrogates Alex Milowski ericP resolved ack
39 2013-May-18 tests blank nodes in predicates Alex Milowski ericP resolved ack
40 2013-Sep-17 non-ed identifiers for reified statements Dr. A. Joseph Rockmore ericP resolved ack
41 2013-Jul-4 non-ed unify dots for PREFIX and @prefix Gregory Williams sandro resolved ack