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Wednesdays at 11am US Eastern time for 60 minutes
  17:00 Paris/Berlin/A'dam; 16:00 London
Telephone US: +1.617.761.6200
  Zakim code: 73394
IRC channel: #rdf-wg on on port 6665
Zakim instructions:
RRSAgent instructions:


  • Chair: Guus Schreiber
  • Scribe: please volunteer

Note: this is telecon #129.

Minutes of last meeting

PROPOSED to accept the minutes of the 29 Jan telecon:

Review of action items

REC documents

REC drafts

See: REC drafts


Turtle syntax errors:


  • PROPOSED: to ask the Director to advance eight P(E)Rs to REC
  • Final shortnames and/or redirections (rdf vs rdf11)
    1. We will keep rdf11-concepts/mt/primer
    2. The pages TR/rd-concepts/mt/primer will give a pointers to the different versions (example)

WG Notes

What's New

No comments received.

PROPOSED: republish as WG Note on 25 Feb without changes.



PROPOSED: to publish as WG Note on 25 Feb


No comments received

Decide on whether we want to make changes before publication as Note on 25 Feb.

Test Cases

Note: all draft REC docs now use this document as the implementation-report & test-suite link.

Short discussion to agree on location of files:

  • Copy implementation reports to parallel the test suites (requires updating references),
  • Decide on the location of the RDF/XML test suite. Right now, it's set to<>, whereas all the other tests use<>,
  • Update RDF/XML test references to the 2014 location where they currently reference the 2004 tests,

PROPOSED: to publish RDF 1.1 Test Cases as WG Note


  • ISSUE-78: Document Convention for Using Datasets
    • Suggested resolution: text in Primer and plus the Datasets Note resolve this issue
  • ISSUE-138: Guidance to RDF users and developers about which syntaxes to parse and publish
    • Suggested resolution: Primer partially provides this