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Wednesdays at 11am US Eastern time for 60 minutes

  17:00 Paris/Berlin/A'dam; 16:00 London
Telephone US: +1.617.761.6200
  Zakim code: 73394
IRC channel: #rdf-wg on on port 6665
Zakim instructions:
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  • Chair: David Wood
  • Scribe: <please volunteer>

Minutes of last meeting

PROPOSED to accept the minutes of the 10 April telecon:

Review of action items

Document Dependencies

Heads up for editors:

Normative References to W3C Standards

Ian Jacobs: [[ In it we address normative references to W3C Recommendations, informative references to other materials, our use of "this version" and "latest version" URIs, the relation to our PAS Submitter status, and information about translations.

I invite your review of this document. I expect to integrate it into the public site after 28 April. ]]

Status Updates

Review of at least the following issues for Semantics:

  • ISSUE-107: Revised definition of blank nodes
  • ISSUE-109: What's the consequence of a literal being ill-typed?
  • ISSUE-118: Simplifying datatype semantics


Status test suite

See also Sandro's message: