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Wednesdays at 11am US Eastern time for 75 minutes
  17:00 Paris/Berlin/A'dam; 16:00 London)
Telephone US: +1.617.761.6200
 Zakim code: 73394
IRC channel: #rdf-wg on on port 6665
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  • Chair: David Wood
  • Scribe: Manu Sporny
  • Alternate: Michael Hausenblas

Minutes of last meeting

PROPOSED to accept the minutes of the 25 Apr telecon:

Review of action items

Next meeting

  • Next telecon: 9 May 2012

RDF Concepts Proposals

PROPOSAL: Resolve ISSUE-66 by adding xsd:duration, xsd:dayTimeDuration, xsd:yearMonthDuration and xsd:dateTimeStamp to the table of allowed XSD types in RDF Concepts ED Section 5.1 (RDF Semantics has a redundant list of the same types; this also needs to be changed accordingly, or removed in favour of normatively referencing RDF Concepts.)

PROPOSAL: RDF-WG will work on an HTML datatype that would be defined in RDF Concepts.

PROPOSAL: Resolve RDF-ISSUE-86 (GraphIsomorphism): Incompatible definitions of “graph equivalence” between RDF Concepts and RDF Semantics by:

  1. renaming “graph equivalence” to “graph isomorphism” in RDF Concepts, and
  2. adding a sentence in the RDF Semantics section on simple entailment, stating that isomorphic graphs are equivalent under simple entailment?

Turtle LC

Turtle LC planning

Revised schedule:

  • 2012-05-02: new draft available, start second review round
  • mid-late May: WG LC decision

RDF Semantics editors' draft

Change title of RDF Semantics document, reorganize to make the rules normative and deemphasize the model-theoretic semantics, as discussed in:


See proposal at:

Would resolve ISSUE-13

Email thread starting at:

Vote on the proposal.

Named Graphs



See thread starting at: