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Agenda RDF-WG telecon 21 Dec 2011

Wednesdays at 11am US Eastern time for 75 minutes
  17:00 Paris/Berlin/A'dam; 16:00 London)
Telephone US: +1.617.761.6200
  UK: +44.203.318.0479
  FR: +
Zakim code: 73394
IRC channel: #rdf-wg on on port 6665
Zakim instructions:
RRSAgent instructions:
Scribe list:


  • Chair: David Wood
  • Scribe: Andy Seaborne

Alternate: Manu Sporny

PROPOSED to accept the minutes of the 14 Dec telecon:

Action item review:

Next telecon: 4 Jan 2012

Named Graphs

Graph-State Resources

See thread starting with

Issue: should/must the 4th slot be an IRI?

See thread starting with

Two alternative points of view (see minutes 30 Nov):

  1. we are not in a position to constrain the type of the "4th slot"
  2. we are standardizing graph identifiers, so they better be identifiers (= IRI)

Todo: list arguments in favor/against these positions (e.g. #1 breaks TriG).

Meta-discussion: routes for reaching consensus

  • 4th slot should be an IRI?!
  • no semantics for relationship between the Graph IRI and the graph?!
  • can we do more?