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Graph Terminology/Options

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Option 1 (baseline)

(this was the agreement the last time this was brought to a decision; things seem to have changed enough in the model since then for the decision to no longer be binding.)

RDF Graph
Graph Container

Option 2

RDF Graph
RDF data source

Option 3 (retronym)

abstract graph, abstract RDF graph
[something] graph, [something] RDF graph.

... where [something] hasn't quite been determined yet. Options include:

  • maintained (but what if it's been abandoned?)
  • mutable (but what if it's a frozen snapshot?)
  • named (but wont that really confuse people?)
  • stored (but what if it's dynamically generated?)
  • available (but what if it's access controlled?)
  • concrete (awkward word)
  • real
  • nonabstract
  • located
  • distinct
  • ...

The idea here is that when people say "graph" or "RDF graph" these days, they often mean g-box. So we could go with the flow here, let them do that, and just come up with adjectives people can use to distinguish between g-snaps and g-boxes when necessary. What kind of graph is a g-box?