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This is the errata page for the following documents:

Any change a W3C Recommendation must be approved by a chartered W3C Working Group and the W3C Advisory Committee. Until that happens, this “errata” page lists problems people have reported with the LDP documents, along with proposed solutions. To report a problem, send email to [archive]. We ask that interested parties (especially the ones who produced the specifications) to subscribe to that list and help review the proposed changes.

See the list archive for any unprocessed bug reports and in-progress discussion.

# Errata title (with the mail's URI) Errata author Document(s) involved Type (editorial, technical) Details Status
1 Superfluous normative referenceErik Wilde LDP normative Section 7.1 Accept-Post Response Header obsoletes an earlier reference to the Accept-Post reference. approved by WG 2015-03-02