ISSUE-7: Leftover issues from the RDF Core WG

Leftover issues

Leftover issues from the RDF Core WG

Cleanup tasks
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Ivan Herman
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There is a RDF active issue list[1] left over from the previous RDF WG that has "postponed" issues. We may want to look at these to see if there are anything the new RDF WG would want to pick up.

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[cmatheus]: some issues left open from previous working group

14 Apr 2011, 12:56:24

Proposed set of responses to each issue from Dan Brickley:

Dan Brickley, 14 Apr 2011, 13:26:02

Closed because all leftover issues have either resulted in new open issues or closed issues due to compliance with our charter.

David Wood, 13 Oct 2011, 16:36:21

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