ISSUE-65: Update XSD 1.0 references to XSD 1.1


Update XSD 1.0 references to XSD 1.1

RDF General
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Alex Hall
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The existing RDF specs reference XSD version 1.0 when defining the XSD datatype map. OWL2, SPARQL, and RIF reference XSD version 1.1; we should consider doing this as well.

This is complicated somewhat by the fact that XSD 1.1 has not yet reached recommendation status. OWL2 and SPARQL account for this by normatively referencing XSD 1.0 and including language to the effect that these references should be considered as referencing XSD 1.1 when it becomes a recommendation.
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Closed, moved to an editorial action on RDF Concepts.

David Wood, 13 Oct 2011, 17:48:41

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