ISSUE-122: bnode scopes in multi-part dataset documents

cross-document scopes

bnode scopes in multi-part dataset documents

RDF General
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Patrick Hayes
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Recent emails suggest the possibility of using multiple Trig documents to represent a single (large) dataset. Is this allowed?

If this is allowed, several issues arise. The one which impact Concepts and Semantics is, how is the scope of blank node identifiers determined, if a single dataset can be spread over more than one document? Put another way, how does one determine, when a bnodeID is used in more than one document, whether or not it means the same blank node every time it occurs?
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I believe that there is nothing to be done for this issue. RDF graphs can share bnodes, and how this happens is up to surface syntaxes and implementations.

Peter Patel-Schneider, 3 Jul 2013, 14:39:16

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