The W3C HCLS Scientific Discourse Interest Group

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W3C HCLS Scientific Discourse Interest Group

Short description: The W3C HCLS Scientific Discourse Interest Group is working on standardizing models to describe scientific articles and experiments. Several vocabularies exist for this purpose, including SWAN, SIOC, and OBI among others. The IG has some connections to the HCLS BioRDF group. The IG has worked on mapping across such provenance representations. Recently, a unified representation called DEXI has been developed.

Alternative/existing provenance standard? (Or a complementary concept?) No, but their efforts need to be better aligned with the Provenance WG.

Domain specific? (If yes, is it only a domain specific convention for a general provenance standard? If yes, which one?) Yes

Subject specific? (Are there any restrictions on the subject of the provenance information?) Yes, metadata to represent the claims of a scientific article.

Based on existing data model? (Is the standard/concept embedded in an existing general standard or data model?) Yes, see DEXI/SWAN/SIOC/OBI.

Are there bridges/crosswalks to other standards? Some, to OBI, SWAN, SIOC, MO, EFO, etc.

Are there documented use cases that should be taken into consideration for the Provenance WG? Yes, see [1].

Known, relevant issues? ???

Website: W3C HCLS Scientific Discourse Task

Contact for Provenance WG? Yolanda Gil