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PROV-DM Towards Fourth Working Draft



  • Provide a preliminary simplified introduction to the data model
  • Referring to the FormalSemanticsStrawman, drop Things from the provenance data model presentation, only refer to entities (identifiers denote entities). The set of Things is only used at the semantics level, to provide meaning for some construct
  • Drop AccountRecord as a construct of the data model. We still work on the basis that a notion of bundle/account exists, but the mechanisms to create it are outside the data model
  • Introduce the idea of an upgrade path, where the new reader is not required to learn about all the details of attributes, intervals, events, constraints to write simple provenance (informally referred to as Scruffy Provenance)

Editor's Working Copy

Proposed Structure

    • Part 2: the upgrade path how to make proper provenance assertions
      • Would include a lightweight notion of account
      • Would include the attribute-based characterization (fixed values over some interval ...)
      • Would includes associated constraints
    • Part 3: the Prov abstract syntax notation
      • Would contain all grammar definitions of PROV-ASN

Design decisions

  • If part 3 is now separate from part 1, there is no need to talk about 'Entity Record' (or whatever Record) in part 1. Instead, we can just mention Entity (or whatever other concept).
  • Given that Part 3 is just about ASN, and therefore is a language, then we can without confusion, talk about 'Entity Expression' since now these would be Expressions of the language
  • Does this mean that we would be dropping the term record entirely? What would we bundle up though?
  • What about assertions? So should still use the word?

Feedback on These Working Copies

Luc Moreau