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Author: Kai Eckert, Daniel Garijo, Simon Miles, Michael Panzer

This document is part of the Dublin Core PROV mapping, see the ProvDCMapping.

PREFIX prov: <>
PREFIX dct: <>
PREFIX dcprov: ???
PREFIX owl: <>
PREFIX rdfs: <>

The following terms and classes could be created to specifically describe activities derived from Dublin Core data. We indicate them with the non-assigned dcprov: namespace prefix.

dcprov:CreationActivity         rdfs:subClassOf     prov:Activity, dcprov:ContributionActivity .
dcprov:PublicationActivity      rdfs:subClassOf     prov:Activity .
dcprov:ContributionActivity     rdfs:subClassOf     prov:Activity .
dcprov:CreatorRole              rdfs:subClassOf     prov:Role, dcprov:ContributorRole .
dcprov:PublisherRole            rdfs:subClassOf     prov:Role .
dcprov:ContributorRole          rdfs:subClassOf     prov:Role .