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Short description:

PRONOM is an on-line information system about data file formats and their supporting software products. Originally developed to support the accession and long-term preservation of electronic records held by the UK National Archives, PRONOM is now being made available as a resource for anyone requiring access to this type of information.

Alternative/existing provenance standard? (Or a complementary concept?)

Complementary concept, developed for digital preservation, but generally useful for provenance in that it provides URIs for file formats and software products.

Domain specific? (If yes, is it only a domain specific convention for a general provenance standard? If yes, which one?)


Subject specific? (Are there any restrictions on the subject of the provenance information?)


Based on existing data model? (Is the standard/concept embedded in an existing general standard or data model?)

Are there bridges/crosswalks to other standards?

Are there documented use cases that should be taken into consideration for the Provenance WG?

Known, relevant issues?


Contact for Provenance WG?

Contact on PRONOM project: Ross Spencer ( ross dot spencer at nationalarchives dot gsi dot gov dot uk )