PIL OWL Ontology Meeting 2012-07-30

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Meeting Information

prov-wg - Modeling Task Force - OWL group telecon


  • Tim (regrets next week: 6 August)
  • Stian
  • Jun
  • Khalid  
  • Stephan
  • Satya 
  • Daniel


  • David


For the issues that you are assigned:

  • describe the original concern
  • describe any perspectives already expressed
  • recommend next step, or propose a solution

Rescheduling the regular call

  • Jun cannot make 5pm beginning in Sept. (4pm or 4:30pm would be better)
  • Daniel is in California for the next few months.

So I think our timezone span is back to:

  • -8 (Daniel)
  • -7 (Stephan)
  • -5 (Tim/Satya)
  • 0 (Stian, Khalid, Jun, David)
  • Tim: the meetings will get shorter now that we are in LC.
  • The group agrees to shift the meeting times one half earlier to 11:30pm ET
  • TODO: Satya to contact Sandro and Luc to shift Zakim.
  • our group will shift to the new time when Zakim gets switched.

Blog post: http://www.w3.org/blog/SW/2012/07/24/the-prov-o-provenance-ontology-last-call/





  • http://www.w3.org/2011/prov/track/issues/442 (what prov.owl terms can we omit in prov.html)
    • https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0Ahxrga9AQHb_dDBQV3ZyWEN6S2RXcWVZMzI0S0xKeEE
    • TODO mentionOf in narrative is not clear - use the one from the ontology "The mention of an Entity in a Bundle (containing a description of this Entity) is another Entity that is a specialization of the former and that presents the Bundle as a further additional aspect."
    • Jun's stab: "prov:mentionOf is a special type of prov:specializationOf, which links a more specific Entity to a more general one that is described in a prov:Bundle. prov:asInBundle is used to cite the Bundle in which the more general Entity was mentioned."
    • TODO: Tim to incorporate feedback.



  • http://www.w3.org/2011/prov/track/issues/456 superclass in domain union (Association or 5 classes) -> (Association or InstantaneousEvent)
    • Tim: done make the change, since no team objections.
    • Stephan: add a justifications for any changes after LC
    • TODO: Stephan review and close issue.
      • NOT DONE, will look at today [ --Stephan ]

  • http://www.w3.org/2011/prov/track/issues/457 domain mismatch
    • change has been made in ProvenanceOntology.owl and staged LC files.  This issue can be closed
    • prov:wasInfluencedBy rdfs:domain prov:Entity .
    • prov:wasAssociatedWith rdfs:domain prov:Agent ; rdfs:subPropertyOf prov:wasInfluencedBy .
    • The above was an error.
    • done Tim to rerun the editors draft
    • TODO stephan to review
    • REVIEWED, Current Editor's Draft HTML looks good


<    a <strong>prov:Activity</strong>, :Graduation;
>    a prov:Activity, :Graduation;

<    a <strong>prov:Agent</strong>, prov:Person;
>    a prov:Agent, prov:Person;

<    a <strong>prov:Agent</strong>, prov:Organization;
>    a prov:Agent, prov:Organization;

<    a <strong>prov:Entity</strong>;
>    a prov:Entity;

We can use <code instead of <pre, which will allow us to markup the code content. For example, the following code markup uses strong and style coloring:

<code>var faq = <strong style="color:blue;">new</strong> Array(3)</code>

TODO: Khalid add a class to the strong, and add a color to the class. Stian: One example with dark red: http://i.imgur.com/XpsYF.png (color: #824)   pre strong {     color: #824;   }

  • Stian: with dark red: http://i.imgur.com/XpsYF.png (color: #824)
  • 12:35 khalid: That looks nice, better than black anyway
  • 12:36 Stian: #248  (dark blue) also nice
  • 12:38 Jun: Looks nice
  • 12:38 Jun: dark red
  • 12:38 zednik: burgundy #9E0508 also looks nice


  • TODO Work through review of prov-o july 3 2012 for last call (33 RAISED feedback points left of 100+)
  • The only 2 things that I have detected is that in section 3.2 there is no example for mention and asInBundle (even though the example has bundles) and there is no wasInfluencedBy in the example (it could be easily added as an inference of wasAttributedTo).
  • Rename chart maker, make consistent.
    • - I wonder if a better example organization instead of ex:chartgen would be "National Newspaper".
    • - I think the team was already looking at the consistency of the examples. It was Chart Generators and now in this example it's Chart Generators Inc.
  • it was suggested for prov-dm that examples should be described in past tense. It should be done here too.

Daniel: rewrote some parts, filled in some missing terms. Responded to Tim. TODO: Tim to review the changes.

Daniel: what about the other figures?  Tim: How many figures? Tim: let's postpone until David joins us.


Someone please take
  • Update figures to latest draft: Well sppotted, I hadn't realized. I have changed it. They are 2 different activities. (see Daniel)
    • Regarding the image with the bundlePost in the html, I have spotted a typo: There is an edge with prov:hadLocation from the pyublicationActivity to the Location, which is incorrect. This edge should be from :post9821v1 instead (as you have it with :post9821v2). Also, there is a "my" prefix in the edge snapshotContent that should be ":" according to the example. Also, as I suggested before i would remove the boxes with "type" and "date" to simplify the although that's just my opinion.
    • Finally, I had to do some small changes to the example, adding annotations to the bundle. Would you mind adding those, please?. (Daniel)
  • Review Daniel's 3.2
  • Luc's scan