PIL OWL Ontology Meeting 2012-03-05

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Meeting Information

prov-wg - Modeling Task Force - OWL group telecon


  • Tim
  • Mike
  • Khalid
  • Paolo
  • Paul    
  • Satya
  • Stian
  • Daniel
  • Jun
  • Stephan
  • Luc


  • concrete examples collection
    • WG approved organization design last Thursday
    • There are currently 14 examples
    • Eric Stephan is working an example
    • Mike Lang's group is working an example
      • TODO: Mike- public datasets, brought to local machines. Using ontology to describe provenance of it.
    • TODO: Tim: examples \cross ontology matrix
    • volunteers to add an example? (setup script)
    • TODO: Paul assigned to add examples (string params and Macted's table example)
    • Please consider adding
    • TODO: Paolo will add DM's example.

  • Khalid/Jun: PROV-O HTML organization proposal
    • ... what we had was heavy.
    • Stian: sounds good.
    • Luc: structure looks good. 2 comments. "Core/Common" going away. 2) graphical illustrations should be the same style in all docs.
    • Paul: structure is nice. 3.4 will make it heavy.
    • Mike:  overall, good. mention provDM? 
      • Khalid: will mention in intro. 
      • Paul: namespaces will hopefully have one place as entry point for namespaces that link to prov-o and prov-dm. 
      • Khalid: will avoid linking to DM. 
      • Daniel: agree. should be self-suffiicient.
    • Luc: ISSUE 117 on early prov-o doc. Reminder that it is about exchange of information not applicaiton reasoning. Links back to DM - not convinced it is useful. 
      • .. should reuse definitions from DM, there is a glossary.js that inserts definitions.
      • TODO: Khalid/Daniel to get help from Luc about how to generate the definitions.
    • Tim: how much auto/manual?
      • Khalid: some can be generated automatically and augmented manually. Jun thinks all manual.
    • Paul: want to encourage automatic b/c having the docu in the ontology itself can be useful.
    • consider qualified diagram?
    • automated HTML for mundane OWL  - Daniel lead?ok(Daniel)
    • What's next? How soon until a skeleton? What can we do to help?
      • Khalid: identify people willing to do work and assign per section.
      • Khalid: TODO: create skeleton, we can assign within.
      • Paul: good to (when creating skeleton) - try to do it automatically and see what you can do there. We can see what to populate without writign text. having the info filled in from the ontology would be a great start. TODO: Tim and Khalid work on automated skeleton.
      • Jun: conclusion on survey of tools? Daniel is picking it up from Tim's notes. Daniel has tried some tools, (parrot, owldoc)
      • Luc: timetable. draft document at end of March for group to review for public release in April. Work on the primary sections.
      • TODO: khalid, daniel, jun, tim to look at the automated structure for Thursday?, report for feedback next Monday.
      • TODO: [] - the diagrams need to be planned out. http://rdfs.org/sioc/spec/#sec-overview
      • TODO: [] what examples to include?
    • auto/manual hybrid?Most likely, since there are diagrams added by hand.. My proposal would be to produce the main structure from the rdfs label+comment in the ontology and leave some spaces to be filled manually.
  • diff(DM,ProvRDF,OWL)
    • reformatting mapping rules to wikitable (most are done)
    • deciding to remove latex versions - "second person check and remove" sufficient?
  • Targeting ProvRDF against WD4

PROV-O's prov-wg telecon report 2012-03-01

This was given last Thursday.

  • improving process of OWL updates
    • including as explicit ISSUES on tracker
    • tagging email subjects with [owl change]
    • using hg branching for the issue being addressed
    • referencing hg changeset wherever possible/appropriate
    • associating to ISSUE-265 when the OWL requires contortions, notes on how to avoid at http://www.w3.org/2011/prov/wiki/PIL_OWL_Ontology#RL_compliance
    • Stian making RL checker jar to ease ISSUE-265
  • Corral implicit issues into ISSUES (by Monday)
    • Tim and Mike working on exposing implicit
    • Mike, Tim, and Daniel working on organizing existing issues.
    • If you have a burning issues, please point it out to us.