PIL OWL Ontology Meeting 2011-10-17

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Meeting Information

prov-wg - Modeling Task Force - OWL group telecon


  • Tim
  • Jim
  • Satya
  • Luc
  • Stian
  • Khalid
  • Deborah


  • Formatting of PROV ontology html document for release of FPWD
  • Adding missing terms from PROV-DM to PROV ontology
  • Review of the diagrams in the PROV ontology html document


Formatting of PROV ontology html document

The current overview.html is compliant with the formatting requirements for the FWPD.

Updates will be made to the FormalModel.html document and Stian will create the "authorative" overview.html document before the Thursday telcon.

Adding missing PROV-DM terms to PROV-O

Luc: To move towards FPWD, need to add mechanism for associating time value with PEs.

Satya: We will add the OWL Time classes to PROV-O for modeling time information and introduce an explicit object property linking PEs and Entity to the time class.

Luc: Use the OWL Time ontology hasDateTime datatype property to link Time class in PROV-O to xsd:dateTime, which reflects the modeling approach used in the PROV-DM document also.

Luc: Many of the other relations missing in PROV-O html document, including wasEventuallyDerivedFrom and dependedOn.

Satya: We will add the missing relations and classes in the html document, but their place in the provenanceontology.owl file are not decided (may eventually be removed or modified).

Luc: Need to add explanation of how the PROV-O classes and properties can be used to model example described in the PROV-DM document.

Satya: We will update the html document with the necessary information and example codes.

Stian/Khalid: We should remove the class ProvenanceContainer from the OWL ontology. Explain in the HTML document how Account and ProvenanceContainer can be specified using RDF named graphs.

Khalid: Added explanation in the HTML document on how EntityInRole can be used.

Tim: To add description related to RDF graphs and named graphs to the ProvenanceContainer section in the PROV-O html document.

Adding diagrams to PROV-O html document

Khalid to modify the ontology diagram to add missing properties.