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Agenda PROV-WG telecon 23 Feb 2012

Teleconferences (official participants and invited guests only):
- Thursdays, 8 am San Francisco, 11 am Boston, 4 pm London, 5 pm Paris 
- For up to 90 minutes, goal is 60 minutes.
- Dial +1-617-761-6200 or then conference code 7768#
- IRC channel: #prov (
- Zakim instructions:
- RRSAgent instructions:
- Scribe list:


  • Chair: Luc Moreau
  • Scribe: Stian
  • Action items to review:

PROV-DM Simplification: Reviewer feedback

ACTION-62: Provide a preliminary simplified introduction to the data model

See page:

Confirmed Reviewers:

Trying to reach consensus on the following points:

  • decide whether the new documents are inline with the simplification objective
  • recommend whether they become the new editor's draft
    • if not, identify blocking issues
    • if yes, identify potential issues to be raised against these future new editor's draft
  • decide whether ISSUE-145, ISSUE-183, ISSUE-215, ISSUE-225 and ISSUE-234 (all relating to identifiers) can be closed
  • Proposal: The Working Group supports the restructuring of the PROV-DM deliverable into three separate documents, currently named PROV-DM, PROV-DM-CONSTRAINTS, and PROV-ASN to facilitate its presentation.

PROV-O Ontology: Reviewer feedback

Action-55: Prov-o team will produce an updated owl file reflecting prov-dm wd3

Confirmed Reviews:

Trying to reach consensus on the following points:

  • decide whether the ontology offers a good alignment with prov-dm wd3
  • decide whether the ontology has adopted simplified naming (as flagged by Ivan).
  • confirm that the ontology fits OWL-RL
  • confirm that the ontology creates "natural rdf" see
  • Review period: 1 week

Timetable for Release

  • Agree on a timetable for synchronous release of Prov-dm, prov-o, and prov-primer

Binary Relations in WD5