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How to convince ourselves that PROV facilitates interoperability

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What we have:

  • Tools that either produce or consume provenance.
  • Cababilities that Tools perform.
    • c1: Reads prov
    • c2: Reads prov-o
    • c3: Shows trace
    • c4: Validates
    • ...

1) Each tool lists their own N capabilities:

  • T_1: {c1},
  • T_2: {c4}

2) Tools produce their provenance:

  • out(T_1)
  • out(T_2)

3) The interoperability between any two Tools, I_{s,t} is quantified by:

I_{1,2} = sum( T_1(out(T_2)): {yes(c1)}, 
               T_2(out(T_1)): {no(c1)} ) = 1 yes

Each tool is rated as "c/N" for c successful features performed on any provenance given.