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F2F2 Introduction

Topics that Paul and Luc want to bring up at the introductory session.


  • we have come a long way from a list of 17-or-so words
  • significant deviation from timetable
  • we are T+10, LC was scheduled for T+9
  • running the risk of stalling, and not being able to converge
  • call attendance dropping ...


  • Ivan's feedback
  • We need to simplify

Chair's strategy

  • Chairs aim to reach a point where work on prov-dm is essentially over, so that we can think about:
    • serializations,
    • interoperability
    • presentation
    • outreach,
    • etc

Revisited Timetable

  • Extension required
  • Pragmatism: extend by 3 months
    • we all have limited time we can allocate to this effort
    • adjust ambitions accordingly
  • Proposed timetable:
    • WD3: released 02/02/2012 (T+10)
    • WD4: aiming to be released 03/01/2012 (T+11)
      • consensus on identifiers (entity/thing dichotomy), account, wasAlternateOf ...
      • may include simplifications/dropping concepts
    • WD5: aiming to be released 04/01/2012 (T+12)
      • address all remaining issues in trackers
      • including start/end activity events, responsibility, entity destruction
      • may involve simplifications/dropping concepts
    • WD6: Last Call, aiming to be released 05/01/2012 (T+13)
    • CR /Call for implementations 08/01/2012 (T+16)
    • PR 10/01/2012 (T+18)
    • Rec 01/01/2013 (T+21)


  • Timetable will be challenging
  • we believe it's feasible,
  • but we need to pragmatic, be realistic about our ambitions,
  • potentially drop corner use cases, because:
    • too hypothetical,
    • not mainstream,
    • no prior art
      • important!


Family of of Prov Specifications

  • Discuss entry points to PROV-family of specifications
  • Given serialization for technology XXX, readers should be involved to read documents in the following order, according to their appetite for details.
    • primer for XXX
    • Specification for XXX
    • prov-dm
    • prov-sem