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F2F1 Unit Test Proposal

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Implementation and Unit Test Task Force Proposal for F2F1

To prepare for the first F2F meeting the implementation and unit test task force will focus on: 1. Its Scope and Mission Statement; 2. Its aims to identify and connect with implementation stakeholders; 3. Its aims to coordinate test case development and implementation activities

Our overall task force objectives (responsibilities and deliverables) will be clarified in discussions during and after the meeting.

Scope for the F2F Meeting

Define the scope, objectives, and responsibilities of the task force.

Define objectives that the TF can pursue prior to formal model specification delivery by the modeling TF.

Agree on the questions for the stakeholders producing/consuming provenance data.

See Questionnaire for a proposal of questions for the stakeholders


Deliverables for the F2F1 Meeting

  • Identify stakeholders: consumers and producers of provenance
  • Agree on the questionnaire for the stakeholders. Preliminary version can be found here


We will agree on documents that should be produced as a results of the TK

  • Primer for the provenance model
  • Questionnaire for visitors interested in adding provenance. Based on Questionnaire


  • What type of test cases are expected