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F2F1 Connection Proposal

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Connection Proposal for the F2F1

To prepare for the first F2F meeting the Connection Task Force will focus on its scope, its aims to identify, outreach to with existing standards and conventions and address open issues regarding those aims. Our overall task force objectives will be clarified in discussion after the meeting.


The proposed scope of the Connection Task Force encompasses three different aspects: 1) Identification of existing provenance vocabularies. 2) Identification of domain specific conventions currently relied upon to express provenance. 3) Identifying complementary concepts relating to provenance that communities would like to leverage e.g. visual analytics, data quality, uncertainty quantification, verification and validation. Etc. Questions that need to be addressed prior to the F2F meeting:

  1. Is the initial groups included appropriate for the Connection Task Force?
  2. Has have any groups been excluded?
  3. What communities do we risk excluding by our scoping?

Timetable until beginning of July:

  • Next two weeks. Gathering information about connections.
  • Identify colleagues/clients.

Action: Everyone creates a documentation of some group that might be a connection by using the DCMI example and adjusts it if needed.

Deliverables for F2F

  • Template for description of connections
  • List of possible connections
  • Filled in example templates for some groups
  • Connections Template Catalog

Existing Provenance Vocabularies

 The W3C Provenance Incubator Group laid the ground work for identifying many provenance specific efforts. [1]

Domain Specific Conventions

 List existing domain specfic conventions 

Complementary Concepts To Provenance

 List efforts that relate to provenance 
 Visual Analytics Workshop: [2]

Pointers to relevant communities compiled by the Provenance Incubator Group, taken from here:

  • Provenance Challenge - Provenance Challenges 1, 2, 3
  • Principles of Provenance - Symposium, Workshop and lecture series about the principles of provenance, sponsored by UK eScience Institute
  • TaPP'09, TaPP'10 - Workshop on the Theory and Practice of Provenance
  • IPAW - International Provenance and Annotation Workshops 2008 (Salt Lake City), 2006 (Chicago), 2003 (Edinburgh), 2002 (Chicago)
  • Vocabulary Camp Oct 2009 - Vocabulary camp that discussed provenance vocabularies, collocated with ISWC 2009, Washington, DC
  • SWPM'2009, SWPM'2010 - Workshop on Semantic Web and Provenance Management
  • TC4SP, First International Workshop on Traceability and Compliance of Semi-Structured Processes (TC4SP2010) September 2010, Hoboken, NJ.
  • WANDS - The First Int'l Workshop on Workflow approaches to new data-centric Science (WANDS'10), in conjunction with SIGMOD/PODS, Indianabpolis, IN, June 2010

Proposed Template for Identifying Connections

Example Template:

DCMI Metadata Provenance Task Group

Short description:

Alternative/existing provenance standard? (Or a complementary concept?)

Domain specific? (If yes, is it only a domain specific convention for a general provenance standard? If yes, which one?)

Subject specific? (Are there any restrictions on the subject of the provenance information?)

Based on existing data model? (Is the standard/concept embedded in an existing general standard or data model?)

Are there bridges/crosswalks to other standards?

Are there documented use cases that should be taken into consideration for the Provenance WG?

Known, relevant issues?


Contact for Provenance WG?