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Author: Kai Eckert, Daniel Garijo, Simon Miles, Michael Panzer

This document is part of the Dublin Core PROV mapping, see the ProvDCMapping.

PREFIX prov: <>
PREFIX dct: <>
PREFIX owl: <>
PREFIX rdfs: <>
dct:Agent           owl:equivalentClass   prov:Agent.
dct:references      rdfs:subPropertyOf    prov:wasDerivedFrom .
dct:rightsHolder    rdfs:subPropertyOf    prov:wasAttributedTo .
dct:creator         rdfs:subPropertyOf    prov:wasAttributedTo .
dct:publisher       rdfs:subPropertyOf    prov:wasAttributedTo .
dct:contributor     rdfs:subPropertyOf    prov:wasAttributedTo .
dct:isVersionOf     rdfs:subPropertyOf    prov:wasDerivedFrom .
dct:isFormatOf      rdfs:subPropertyOf    prov:alternateOf .
dct:replaces        rdfs:subPropertyOf    prov:tracedTo .
dct:source          rdfs:subPropertyOf    prov:wasDerivedFrom .
dct:issued          rdfs:subPropertyOf    prov:generatedAtTime .
dct:date            rdfs:subPropertyOf    prov:generatedAtTime .
dct:dateAccepted    rdfs:subPropertyOf    prov:generatedAtTime .
dct:dateCopyRighted rdfs:subPropertyOf    prov:generatedAtTime .
dct:dateSubmitted   rdfs:subPropertyOf    prov:generatedAtTime .
dct:modified        rdfs:subPropertyOf    prov:generatedAtTime .
dct:valid           rdfs:subPropertyOf    prov:generatedAtTime .

Some dct:properties are superproperties of prov terms:

prov:hadOriginalSource rdfs:subPropertyOf dct:source .
prov:wasRevisionOf     rdfs:subPropertyOf dct:isVersionOf . 

Under discussion (dropped out from the inicial draft):

dct:hasPart        rdfs:subPropertyOf    prov:wasDerivedFrom .
dct:hasAccrualMethod  (related to collections, to be discussed)