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Chatlog 2013-04-04

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14:40:21 <trackbot> Meeting: Provenance Working Group Teleconference
14:40:21 <trackbot> Date: 04 April 2013
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14:53:45 <TallTed> TallTed has changed the topic to: Provenance WG -- http://www.w3.org/2011/prov/ -- agenda http://www.w3.org/2011/prov/wiki/Meetings:Telecon2013.04.04
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14:55:41 <trackbot> Meeting: Provenance Working Group Teleconference
14:55:41 <trackbot> Date: 04 April 2013
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14:56:19 <pgroth> Agenda: http://www.w3.org/2011/prov/wiki/Meetings:Telecon2013.04.04
14:56:30 <pgroth> Chair: Paul Groth
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14:56:42 <pgroth> zakim, who is on the call?
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14:59:15 <pgroth> can anyone scribe?
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15:00:13 <pgroth> scribe: christine
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15:00:46 <pgroth> Zakim, who is on  the call?
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15:00:53 <stain> zakim, « and » is me
15:00:53 <Zakim> I don't understand '« and » is me', stain
15:00:56 <stain> args!
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15:01:22 <pgroth> Topic: Admin
<pgroth> Summary: Minutes of March 28, 2013 meetings were approved. All action items were closed.
15:01:28 <Luc_> zakim, [IPcaller.aa] is me
15:01:28 <Zakim> +Luc_; got it
15:01:29 <pgroth> http://www.w3.org/2011/prov/meeting/2013-03-28
15:01:36 <pgroth> Minutes of March 28, 2013 Telcon
15:01:41 <dgarijo> +1
15:01:45 <christine> Vote on minutes of last week
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15:01:48 <khalidBelhajjame> +1
15:01:51 <GK> +1
15:01:58 <smiles> +1
15:02:01 <khalidBelhajjame> zakim, [IPcaller.a] is me
15:02:02 <stain> +1
15:02:03 <Zakim> +khalidBelhajjame; got it
15:02:23 <Zakim> +Satya_Sahoo
15:02:26 <Paolo> +1
15:02:26 <pgroth> accepted: Minutes of March 28, 2013 Telcon
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15:02:38 <Zakim> + +1.818.731.aabb
15:02:38 <christine> Review of Open Action Items
15:02:48 <christine> Update to editorial (for Paul)
15:02:49 <Zakim> +OpenLink_Software
15:02:54 <ivan> zakim, code?
15:02:54 <Zakim> the conference code is 7768 (tel:+1.617.761.6200 sip:zakim@voip.w3.org), ivan
15:02:59 <christine> Closed - Graham took care of this
15:03:14 <Zakim> +ivan
15:03:16 <TallTed> Zakim, OpenLink_Software is temporarily me
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15:03:18 <TallTed> Zakim, mute me
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15:03:21 <christine> Blog post action items are also closed
15:03:38 <pgroth> Topic: AC Rep Reminder
<pgroth> Summary: The group went over the current AC Rep voting. Currently 16 replies. Encouraged members to reach out to their AC Reps or AC Reps they know.
15:03:52 <pgroth> https://www.w3.org/2002/09/wbs/33280/provpf/results
15:04:01 <christine> Results of current voting see link above
15:04:07 <christine> 16 votes so far
15:04:25 <christine> Quite good. It would be good to have more votes.
15:04:43 <christine> Still waiting for some replies. We may get up to 19 votes by next week.
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15:05:06 <TomDN> Zakim, mute me
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15:05:09 <christine> Paul: Please make sure your AC Reps vote.
15:05:12 <pgroth> 1?
15:05:14 <pgroth> q?
15:05:25 <pgroth> Topic: Blog Posts
<pgroth> Summary: Blog posts on dublic core and edbt tutorials were posted. Blog post on PAQ and RDFa will go up next week. Thanks to Daniel, Stian, Paolo for writing posts.
15:05:33 <pgroth> http://www.w3.org/blog/SW/2013/03/29/dublin-core-to-prov-mapping/
15:05:40 <pgroth> http://www.w3.org/blog/SW/2013/04/03/successful-prov-tutorial-at-edbt/
15:05:43 <christine> Paul: 2 blog posts in the last week - see links above
15:05:59 <zednik> zednik has joined #prov
15:06:13 <dgarijo> yes
15:06:16 <stain> yes
15:06:29 <christine> Thanks to Daniel and Stain for two additional blog posts
15:06:34 <dgarijo> no problem :)
15:06:35 <christine> They will be posted in the next week
15:06:50 <jcheney> jcheney has joined #prov
15:06:59 <Zakim> +[IPcaller.a]
15:07:03 <pgroth> - Topic: PROV-SEM
15:07:04 <SamCoppens> SamCoppens has joined #prov
15:07:05 <christine> Paul: review of outstanding items
15:07:23 <SamCoppens> zakim, I am with TomDN
15:07:23 <Zakim> +SamCoppens; got it
15:07:25 <Zakim> +jcheney
15:07:25 <Zakim> -jcheney
15:07:26 <pgroth> james?
15:07:27 <christine> Paul: is PROV-SEM ready to be sent out for review?
15:07:35 <jcheney> just tried calling in will try again
15:07:46 <jcheney> sorry
15:07:47 <christine> Moving to another item
15:07:50 <pgroth> Topic: PROV-Overview
<pgroth> Summary: Paul is still working on it hopes to send by Monday
15:08:17 <christine> Paul: Not ready - edits not finished - more time needed - hopefully can sent out by Monday of next week
15:08:22 <pgroth> q?
15:08:45 <pgroth> Topic: PROV-XML
<pgroth> Summary: Stephan just published a version for review. FAQ on JAXB will come later. Paul, Luc, Tom to review. James will ask Henry Thompson about possibly reviewing. Reviews are due by Thursday.
15:08:46 <Zakim> +[IPcaller.aa]
15:08:59 <jcheney> zakim, +[ipcaller.aa] is me
15:08:59 <Zakim> sorry, jcheney, I do not recognize a party named '+[ipcaller.aa]'
15:09:01 <christine> Update from Stephen
15:09:05 <jcheney> zakim, aa is me
15:09:05 <Zakim> sorry, jcheney, I do not recognize a party named 'aa'
15:09:08 <jcheney> zakim, aa] is me
15:09:08 <Zakim> sorry, jcheney, I do not recognize a party named 'aa]'
15:09:13 <jcheney> zakim, [ipcaller.aa] is me
15:09:13 <Zakim> +jcheney; got it
15:09:24 <christine> Stephen: is ready for review but is missing the FAQ entry
15:09:38 <christine> but the note content is ready for review
15:09:48 <Luc_> s/Stephen/zednik/
15:09:51 <christine> Paul: is the schema finalised?
15:10:21 <christine> Stephen: yes but FAQ may introduce a modification to the new schema but not a change to the schema - so my intention that it is finalised
15:10:29 <christine> Paul: review by what date?
15:10:54 <christine> Stephen: staged last night - not sure
15:11:10 <christine> Paul: original reviews by 4 and changes by 15
15:11:29 <christine> Paul: if reviewed by 11 can you incorporate changes by 15
15:11:52 <christine> Stephen: hope so - small changes ok - but 11th and 15th should work
15:11:59 <christine> Paul: reviewer?
15:12:03 <Luc_> +1
15:12:16 <pgroth> +1
15:12:22 <TomDN> +1
15:12:45 <christine> Paul: any responses from our last publication of it?
15:12:57 <christine> ? from Luc
15:13:18 <christine> Paul: will try to get someone from Oracle to take a look
15:13:58 <christine> and would be good for Henry to review
15:14:10 <pgroth> q?
15:14:28 <pgroth> Topic: PROV-AQ
<pgroth> Summary: Reviews have been received from Stian and Luc. Sam's review will be received after the call. The reviews have no blocking issues but there are issues to be addressed. Graham will circulate information in the coming week. 
15:14:34 <SamCoppens> zakim, unmute me
15:14:34 <Zakim> sorry, SamCoppens, I do not know which phone connection belongs to you
15:14:52 <SamCoppens> My review is following tonight
15:15:06 <christine> Graham: we have reviews in now from Stain and Luc - not one from Sam yet - had a cursory look at the review - not aware of any blocker there
15:15:09 <SamCoppens> but no blocking issues from my side
15:15:50 <christine> Graham: plan to review in detail in the coming week and finalise the document by this time next week - and then aim to hand over to Paul to finish up as will be out of circulation in 2 weeks time
15:16:05 <christine> Paul: Stain and Luc, could we vote to be a final note?
15:16:08 <Luc_> q+
15:16:45 <SamCoppens> zakim, unmute TomDN
15:16:45 <Zakim> TomDN should no longer be muted
15:16:49 <pgroth> ack Luc_
15:17:15 <SamCoppens> q+
15:17:21 <christine> Luc: we want to publish the note - some comments are more serious than Graham said - related to ping back - would like to see some responses to my comments
15:17:23 <pgroth> ack SamCoppens
15:17:40 <christine> Sam: read the document today - will send review tonight - no blocking issues
15:17:48 <stain> q+
15:17:51 <GK> I'll need to look in more detail at Luc;s comments, and the others - I'll respond when I do so.
15:18:10 <pgroth> ack stain
15:18:27 <christine> Stain: no blocking issues but some of my issues are more serious
15:18:32 <SamCoppens> zakim, mute TomDN
15:18:32 <Zakim> TomDN should now be muted
15:18:44 <christine> Paul: then let's wait for next week for the vote
15:19:06 <christine> to ensure issues are addressed before vote
15:19:06 <jcheney> q+
15:19:15 <pgroth> ack jcheney
15:19:29 <christine> jcheney: need reviewers for PROV-SEM
15:19:48 <pgroth> Topic: PROV-SEM
<pgroth> Summary: Draft is almost done. Made available for reviewers to begin to review. Simon, Tom and Satya will review. Tom has asked a colleague to have a look as well. Reviews are due by Thursday. Luc will attempt a quick review.
15:19:56 <jcheney> draft almost done: https://dvcs.w3.org/hg/prov/raw-file/default/semantics/releases/NOTE-prov-sem-20130430/Overview.html
15:20:05 <GK> I'd like to review PROV-SEM, but cannot be sure I'll have time in the coming week.
15:20:38 <christine> jcheney: vote on everything next week?
15:20:45 <christine> Paul: yes (if not today)
15:21:16 <christine> jcheney: better if reviewers can look now rather than waiting for it to be completely done
15:21:22 <khalidBelhajjame> I ll review it
15:21:23 <TomDN> Zakim, unmute me
15:21:23 <Zakim> TomDN should no longer be muted
15:21:26 <TomDN> q+
15:21:32 <christine> Paul: reviewers
15:21:33 <pgroth> ack TomDN
15:21:55 <smiles> I can review it
15:21:55 <christine> Tom: a colleague (logic/maths background) and Tom will review
15:22:00 <Paolo> when is it due again?
15:22:02 <GK> I'd like to review PROV-SEM, but cannot be sure I'll have time in the coming week
15:22:06 <TomDN> Zakim, mute me
15:22:06 <Zakim> TomDN should now be muted
15:22:09 <christine> Paul: review due by next Thursday
15:22:24 <Paolo> would love to but on leave, sorry...
15:22:48 <Luc_> q+
15:22:48 <satya> I will try to complete
15:22:53 <christine> jcheney: goal to have something complete - anything controversial will have to be left out
15:23:10 <pgroth> ack Luc_
15:23:28 <christine> Luc: What change has been regarding this issue [?]
15:24:11 <christine> jcheney: to get semantics general enough to not constrain the formal constraints - less of the connection to the inituitve model but necessary
15:24:27 <christine> jcheney: takes a while to figure out the right way to do that
15:24:33 <pgroth> reviewers - Tom, Khalid, (tom's colleague), simon, satya,
15:24:41 <Luc_> +1 will attempt a quick review
15:24:53 <pgroth> Topic: PROV-Primer
<pgroth> Summary: All reviews were positive with only minor changes. The group voted to release the primer as a final working group note. 
15:25:14 <christine> smiles: received some reviews - only outstanding is from Craig
15:25:34 <christine> smiles: don't see any blocking issues - will make the changes by next week - timeframe is okay
15:25:36 <pgroth> q?
15:25:42 <khalidBelhajjame> It read well, no comment really
15:26:01 <christine> Paul: agree, only a need for some minor changes
15:26:07 <christine> Paul: vote now
15:26:25 <pgroth> proposed: release prov-primer as a final note
15:26:28 <ivan> +1
15:26:31 <khalidBelhajjame> +1
15:26:32 <GK> +1
15:26:36 <jcheney> +1
15:26:37 <zednik> +1
15:26:38 <satya> +1
15:26:39 <TomDN> +1
15:26:40 <dgarijo> +1
15:26:41 <hook> +1
15:26:42 <stain> +1
15:26:55 <SamCoppens> +1
15:27:01 <Paolo> +1
15:27:12 <Luc_> +1
15:27:22 <pgroth> accepted: release prov-primer as a final note
15:27:30 <smiles> Great, thanks :)
15:27:37 <pgroth> Topic: PROV-DC
<pgroth> Summary: all reviews were received for prov-dc. Stian had one concern about the mapping of version. The group agreed to continue the discussion on this to the mailing list. Vote will be had next telcon.
15:27:38 <christine> Paul: congrats Simon and Yolanda
15:28:01 <christine> - received a couple of reviews - no blocking issues
15:28:06 <stain> q+
15:28:09 <christine> - missing a review by Stain
15:28:27 <pgroth> ack stain
15:28:43 <christine> Stain: almost finished - some changes re mapping but should be able to be done in the week
15:28:53 <christine> Paul: given that, do not want to vote now
15:29:04 <christine> Paul: Tom's review was very long. What was the main issue?
15:29:49 <christine> - issue with how we declare the classes - specialising the ontology and also a lot of editorial issues with intro and also with naming spaces - no criticism of the mapppings - so i think no blocking issues
15:29:59 <christine> Paul: Stain, which mapping to change?
15:30:05 <christine> Stain: the is version
15:31:10 <christine> - analysed defns and realised they are equivalent - version and revisions {/}
15:31:57 <christine>  - not necessarily a directional element - don't want to go into the detail now
15:32:06 <christine> Paul: only one?
15:32:10 <christine>  - yes
15:32:15 <pgroth> q?
15:32:22 <christine> Paul: debate the issue online and delay the vote to next week
15:32:31 <TomDN> Zakim, unmute me
15:32:31 <Zakim> TomDN should no longer be muted
15:32:33 <pgroth> Topic: PROV-Dictionary
<pgroth> Summary: There were no blocking issues but quite some changes to address, thus the vote was delayed till next week. 
15:33:08 <pgroth> q?
15:33:08 <Luc_> +1
15:33:17 <christine> TomDN: review from Luc and Simon, thanks, no blocking issues, have enough time, give an update next week, do not forsee problems
15:33:18 <Luc_> +q
15:33:20 <TomDN> q+
15:33:27 <pgroth> ack Luc_
15:34:07 <christine> Luc: in my review, indicated I have implemented PROV-Dictionary, but it turns out it was not working - it took a while to find problem - extensibility production and the new productions conflict
15:34:37 <christine> Luc: problem will also occur in PROV-LINKS
15:34:47 <Luc_> q-
15:35:07 <christine> Luc: fix in both
15:35:11 <Luc_> q+
15:35:17 <pgroth> ack TomDN
15:35:21 <pgroth> ack Luc_
15:35:24 <christine> Craig: suggest holding off on voting until the document is in a more final state
15:35:38 <christine> Craig = Tom
15:35:38 <pgroth> s/Craig/TomDN
15:35:47 <pgroth> s/TomDN/Craig
15:35:54 <christine> Luc: agree useful to have time to discuss issues further
15:36:03 <pgroth> q?
15:36:16 <pgroth> Topic: PROV-Links
<pgroth> Summary: 4 reviews were received, Luc will read and respond in detail later. 
15:36:19 <TomDN> Zakim, mute me
15:36:19 <Zakim> TomDN should now be muted
15:36:44 <zednik> I have to leave now
15:36:56 <christine> Luc: 4 reviews received - thank you - have not had time to read them in detail - but you seem to be happy with the document - some small changes
15:37:00 <smiles> No blocking issues from me
15:37:04 <Zakim> -[IPcaller.a]
15:37:06 <pgroth> q?
15:37:06 <TomDN> none from me either
15:37:08 <GK> No blockers that I recall
15:37:12 <khalidBelhajjame> No bloking issues from me either
15:37:21 <pgroth> Topic: PROV Implementations
<pgroth> Summary: No change to implementations except for the need to rerun scripts to update the tables. The group agreed that there was no need for a re-review. 
15:38:20 <christine> Paul: held it open a little longer - nothing to change in the text - just to rerun scripts to update the tables (essentially) - no need to review
15:38:22 <ivan> +1
15:38:28 <Luc_> +1
15:38:45 <christine> Paul: one or two people who said they want to register another implementation
15:38:59 <pgroth> q?
15:38:59 <christine> Paul: there is still time
15:39:28 <pgroth> Topic: Provenance of Docs
<pgroth> Summary: Luc created a full provenance trace for all the documents. We discussed the issue of identifying authors. There was some consensus to use the working group wiki page's to identify people. Editors can either use this provenance trace or create their own.
15:39:35 <Luc_> +q
15:39:36 <christine> Paul: status?
15:39:48 <Luc_> https://dvcs.w3.org/hg/prov/raw-file/e1fa26593295/provenance/test/prov-family.svg
15:39:57 <Luc_> https://dvcs.w3.org/hg/prov/raw-file/e1fa26593295/provenance/test/prov-family.ttl
15:40:01 <Luc_> https://dvcs.w3.org/hg/prov/raw-file/e1fa26593295/provenance/test/prov-family.provn
15:40:26 <christine> Luc: tried to recreate the history of all our documents assuming the specs were out
15:40:43 <ivan> wow
15:40:57 <GK> Third link returns "error: provenance/test/prov-family.provn@e1fa26593295: not found in manifest" for me
15:41:25 <christine> Luc: covering all versions of the reports we publish - will ask all editors to check when finalised - also should add authorship - do we have URIs for everybody?
15:41:56 <christine> Paul: Ivan, can we use URLs for the name in the tracker to represent people?
15:42:11 <Paolo> @Luc: provn version, I get: error: provenance/test/prov-family.provn@e1fa26593295: not found in manifest
15:42:26 <GK> How many of us have ORCID IDs?
15:42:31 <pgroth> http://www.w3.org/2011/prov/track/
15:42:34 <christine> Ivan: hmm, it can be used ... but ... often people put a page about themselves on the wiki ... can you give me an example URL to look at in tracker?
15:42:54 <christine> Ivan: not ideal
15:43:08 <TallTed> WebID!  :-)
15:43:09 <stain> you would have hoped for W3C to provide an ontology or dataset of every member!
15:43:13 <christine> Paul: wiki user pages?
15:43:19 <pgroth> http://www.w3.org/2011/prov/wiki/User:Ctrim
15:43:19 <Luc_> http://www.w3.org/2011/prov/wiki/User:Lmoreau
15:43:20 <christine> Ivan: not sure those are public
15:43:33 <dgarijo> dgarijo has joined #prov
15:43:38 <christine> Ivan: what I was suggesting - if they are all complete that is fine
15:43:48 <christine> Ivan: they will be frozen
15:43:53 <stain> in foaf they might or might not be seen to represent accounts rather than people..
15:44:09 <pgroth> q?
15:44:14 <pgroth> ack Luc_
15:44:14 <christine> Paul: use wiki ones - so if you want your proper info recorded update your wiki page
15:44:19 <christine> Luc: fine with that
15:44:44 <stain> it might be easiest to identify people like [ a prov:Person, foaf:homepage <http://www.w3.org/2011/prov/wiki/User:Lmorea> ]
15:45:09 <stain> - foaf:homepage is inverse functional, thus identifying (but not being) the person
15:45:19 <christine> [?] useful to add the link from the RDF files ...
15:45:20 <pgroth> q+
15:45:31 <pgroth> s/SVG/RDF
15:45:42 <pgroth> s/SVG/RDF/
15:45:44 <christine> Paul: can we do content negotation on SVG?
15:46:02 <christine> Ivan: not exactly - not a serialisation
15:46:06 <Luc_> q+
15:46:12 <pgroth> ack pgroth
15:46:17 <pgroth> ack Luc_
15:46:44 <christine> Luc: when the file is more or less finalised - post a blog explaining provenance - could put the SVG file there
15:47:02 <pgroth> q?
15:47:04 <stain> you COULD define a prov-diagram that is a formal language that says how to describe prov-dm as a diagram - and then the SVG could still be a representation of the provenance
15:47:09 <TallTed> possibly better pages than wiki -- e.g., https://www.w3.org/users/42501
15:47:11 <christine> Ivan: could point to as wekk
15:47:24 <pgroth> q?
15:47:30 <stain> TallTed: except they are seeecret :(
15:47:37 <pgroth> secret
15:47:39 <TallTed> Zakim, unmute me
15:47:39 <Zakim> TallTed should no longer be muted
15:47:53 <smiles> q+
15:47:56 <TomDN> I get Sorry, Insufficient Access Privileges
15:47:59 <GK> No, browser is asking for login
15:48:08 <pgroth> ack smiles
15:48:24 <Luc_> up to editors
15:48:29 <christine> smiles: re provenance for primer - what is the preference?
15:48:40 <christine> Luc: editors can decide to use the same provenance, don't have to
15:49:06 <ivan> q+
15:49:12 <pgroth> ack ivan
15:49:16 <christine> Paul: thanks everyone, good work, keep it up
15:49:18 <dgarijo> @smiles: we did already a file for prov-o. You can base yours in that one, if you want
15:49:55 <christine> Ivan: votes ends on Tuesday - well send an official transition request to publish - expect to get green light by email - try to take care of this next week
15:50:14 <dgarijo> bbye
15:50:17 <Zakim> -Satya_Sahoo
15:50:18 <Luc_> bye
15:50:18 <Zakim> -christine
15:50:19 <Zakim> -pgroth
15:50:19 <GK> Bye
15:50:20 <Zakim> - +1.818.731.aabb
15:50:21 <Zakim> -ivan
15:50:21 <Zakim> -[IPcaller]
15:50:23 <Zakim> -Luc_
15:50:24 <stain> bye
15:50:24 <Zakim> -dgarijo
15:50:26 <Zakim> -smiles
15:50:27 <SamCoppens> Bye!
15:50:28 <Zakim> -TallTed
15:50:29 <Zakim> -TomDN
15:50:29 <Zakim> -stain
15:50:33 <pgroth> rrsagent, set log public
15:50:34 <Zakim> -jcheney
15:50:36 <Zakim> -khalidBelhajjame
15:50:36 <pgroth> rrsagent, draft minutes
15:50:36 <RRSAgent> I have made the request to generate http://www.w3.org/2013/04/04-prov-minutes.html pgroth
15:50:39 <Zakim> -GK
15:50:39 <pgroth> rackbot, end telcon
15:50:40 <Zakim> SW_(PROV)11:00AM has ended
15:50:40 <Zakim> Attendees were pgroth, [IPcaller], christine, GK, dgarijo, smiles, stain, Luc_, khalidBelhajjame, Satya_Sahoo, +1.818.731.aabb, ivan, TallTed, TomDN, SamCoppens, jcheney
15:50:40 <SamCoppens> SamCoppens has left #prov
15:50:43 <pgroth> trackbot, end telcon
15:50:43 <trackbot> Zakim, list attendees
15:50:43 <Zakim> sorry, trackbot, I don't know what conference this is
15:50:51 <trackbot> RRSAgent, please draft minutes
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