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ISSUE-648 (edit) RAISED Can schema be made a bit more jaxb friendly? 2013-03-08 XML Serialization 0
ISSUE-661 (edit) RAISED schema appendix of PROV-XML Note 2013-04-11 XML Serialization 0
ISSUE-664 (edit) RAISED Use choice instead of sequence in document/bundle constructor 2013-04-17 XML Serialization 0
ISSUE-665 (edit) RAISED PROV Identifier conventions clarification 2013-04-17 XML Serialization 0
ISSUE-666 (edit) RAISED Valid namespaces for all PROV-XML Examples 2013-04-17 XML Serialization 0
ISSUE-667 (edit) RAISED attribute/element/type usage conventions in note 2013-04-17 XML Serialization 0

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