ISSUE-655: Various comments on Overview from Bob DuCharme


Various comments on Overview from Bob DuCharme

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Simon Miles
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Bob DuCharme's comments on PROV-Overview

From original mail:

typos: defintions, Dublic (Spinal Tap reference: did you mean "Dubly"?),
"these these", "that each document on" (that each document is on?),

Table in section 2: In the Document column, several sentences are
missing periods at the end.

The PROV-DICTIONARY summary should have a few more words about why this
document exists for the benefit of those reading this document as their
very first PROV document, because the notion of collection hasn't been
introduced yet.

PROV-LINKS entry on the table: same comment, but about bundles. (Section
2 further on has a better short explanation of this document's purpose.)
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