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about the example

about the example

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Graham Klyne
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3.1 Notation used is obscure. What does [...[ mean? Should be explained.

For a general audience, examples based on Unix command shell commands
are probably not very helpful.

What is "characterized entity represented by the file". As this is an
example, just say "crime statistics" - would that be a correct

3.2 where did 'e0' come from? - it's not mentioned in 3.1. What is it intended to denote?

The "agent" statements are completely impenetrable to me.

How is the notation to be interpreted. It looks a b it like some kind
of deviant Prolog, but either I've forgotten some of the basic
constructs, or it's not entirely clear how the deviant bits are meant
to be interpreted.

3.3 graphical representation: could be very useful, and would be much
easier to follow if the illustration included a key

What does it mean for an agent to be linked to a BOB as opposed to a
process execution (cf. Alice and e0).
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Notation describe in appendix.
Example extensively revised.

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