ISSUE-603: Craig's M Feedback on the DC- Note

Craig's FB DC Note

Craig's M Feedback on the DC- Note

Mapping PROV-O to Dublin Core
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Daniel Garijo
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Hi Paul, et al -

I've performed an initial review, focused entirely on the introduction. It's going to take me longer to go through the rest of the document, including the more technical mappings. I've made enough changes in the introduction however, that I felt it worthwhile to send out my changes. No obligation to accept these verbatim; my style is by no means perfect. However, as is often the case in writing, what we write in summary makes a better introduction. I've moved the conclusion up to the beginning, as it seemed the clearest way to approach the document. Likewise, the example has been moved toward the end of the document. By the time the reader approaches the example, the terms and expressions used should be much clearer (the text provides insight to the example in this case, not the other way around).

I'm attaching multiple formats - I originally edited in Word 2003, but have an open office writer and PDF version too - something here for everyone :)

(See attached file: PROV-DC revision.doc)(See attached file: PROV-DC revision.pdf)(See attached file: PROV-DC revision.odt)
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