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on generation

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Graham Klyne
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"characterized entitity" is clumsy - suggest just "entity" (or
whatever term is selected for "BOB").

If I had not previously read about OPM, I'd be completely confused by
the introduction of "role" here. Following the hyperlink here does
not help at all.

[[ Given an assertion isGeneratedBy(x,pe,r) or
isGeneratedBy(x,pe,r,t), the activity denoted by pe and the entities
used by pe dermine values of some of x's attributes. ]] I've no idea
what this is trying to say.
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Related notes:

Roles are now discussed in the example.

The Role section refers to generation/use, and generation/use refer to roles. So forward reference seems inevitable.

Characterized thing (as now it is called) is and was italicized in section 4.

Luc Moreau, 5 Aug 2011, 15:00:57

GK said close

Luc Moreau, 25 Aug 2011, 23:54:55

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