ISSUE-322: sync ProvRDF to DM WD4


sync ProvRDF to DM WD4

mapping prov-dm <-> prov-o
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Stian Soiland-Reyes
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I've gone through the ProvRDF page on my way to Boston.

See changes:

I've fixed the uneven spacing problem of the tables, it was caused by
intermediate spaces in the wiki markup, ie. instead of

| blahg

| bluh


| blahg
| bluh

I'll need to go through it again with a check against the OWL as I had
an old version in my checkout.

Most notable changes are on derivation:

The prov:Derivation now includes prov:generation and prov:usage so
that it can fully represent the complete DM statement.

Note that this presentation is particularly verbose, so I'm proposing
to add a new syntax to triples that are inferred from the others, so
that you can distinguish triple that come directly from the
translation (for instance :e1 prov:wasDerivedFrom :e1 or the type
signature, :ag a prov:Agent) from the directly inferred ones (such as
:ag a prov:Agent or :e2 prov:tracedTo :e1).

Triples that come from inference rules should not be included, for
instance for wasQuotedFrom we should not include :e1
prov:wasAttributedTo :ag1. This is not representing the DM statement,
this is a conclusion that you can draw from the represented
prov:Quotation and its prov:quoter and prov:quoted.

We still need to sort some things out with the class hierarchy with
respect to attribute/involved-id 'inheritance' in DM .. for instance
will the attributes on a prov:Start also apply to a prov:Association?
DM does not seem to say so.
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