ISSUE-151: Rename wasQuoteOf to wasQuotedFrom


Rename wasQuoteOf to wasQuotedFrom

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Timothy Lebo
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After trying to model a few quotes, I continue to get hung up by "wasQuoteOf" and find "wasQuotedFrom" to be a more natural relation that clears some ambiguity about whether we are quoting some {web page, book, pamphlet} or the person that created the {web page, book, pamphlet}. According to the DM, I think it is the {web page, book, pamphlet} and depend on a qualifier to cite the person responsible.

When encoding in PROV-O,

:snippet prov:wasQuoteOf :web_page . (correct)

:snippet prov:wasQuoteOf <> (INCORRECT - we should not cite the person.)

using "wasQuotedFrom" would help avoid this confusion:

:snippet prov:wasQuotedFrom :web_page . (correct)

:snippet prov:wasQuotedFrom <> . (correct - this is a wiki page)


contains an identifier e2, identifying an entity expression that represents the quote;
contains an identifier e1, identifying an entity expression representing what is being quoted;
may refer to an agent who is doing the quoting, identified by ag2;
may refer to the agent that is quoted, identified by ag1.
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